Monday, November 23, 2015

Girl's Disney Trip - Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party

Way back at the end of last year, Emily and I started talking about taking a girl's trip to Disney World for this September/October.  They have the Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party, and we thought it would be a really fun trip for us to do.  As the planning went on, it ended up being Emily, me, Casey, and Katie.  I have been looking forward to this for a while, and we all really had a blast together!  We left for Orland on Friday morning, went to the party Friday night (from 4pm - 12 pm), and drove back Saturday night.  Some of my pictures are out of order (but are mostly in the right general order), but here is a recap of our trip!

On the road and ready to go!

We made it safe and sound!

First stop - lunch!  Our plan was to eat a big lunch and then keep it simple in the parks for dinner.

I love it when they make me take embarrassing pictures in public.  ;)

Casey and I entertained ourselves while Emily checked us in to the hotel.  We stayed on property at the All-Star Movies Resort.

I feel like this trip was a Christmas gift for Emily, but we ended up turning it into being all about her birthday since it was coming up.

LOTS of people dress up for the party.  We opted for wearing princess ears with themed colors in our outfits.  So we were mostly normal looking (thank God - haha).  Emily packed an entire bag of doll to match who we were all dressed up as.  

Sisters for the night!

We made it to the Magic Kingdom!

(My pictures are pretty out of order from this point)
Emily wanted pictures with her "dad" - King Triton

One of my favorite rides in the park is the Jungle Cruise!

I love the park decorated for Fall!

We rode the ferry over because the monorail was super backed up.  I love how intense Katie and I look in the picture - haha.

You've got to love a castle pic!

They have special snacks just for the party, and I was PUMPED for some candy corn ice cream! 

Oh my gosh.  Emily was on a mission to meet Gaston.  We spent some much time waiting for him/trying to track him down.  We spent a lot of time in his area!

This girl worked in Gaston's area and was trying to help us out with his schedule.  But I'm not entirely convinced that she wasn't in an altered state.  None of her information was accurate - haha.

(HA!  Super out of order!)

Our host on the Jungle Cruise was amazing!

I love the Rapunzel area!

I was shoving down a snack at this point, and did not want to take a pic at some random rocking chairs.  But I did it.  Because I'm an awesome friend.  But I totally have churro in my mouth - haha.

Several of us were fighting off headaches!

We found a substitute Gaston - haha.

Casey's favorite is Cinderella!

We all had fun participating in Enchanted Tales with Belle!

Randomly, Alice and the Mad Hatter were AWESOME.

Ice cream and an awesome photobomb

I love Casey.  This cracks me up!

We did end up getting a good bit of rain for a little while.  Yuck!  But we were fully prepared with jackets and ponchos!

I LOVE the haunted mansion!

Meeting Ariel was actually a pretty hilarious part of the night.  This is also where a cast member asked me if I was dressed up as an Olaf Picnic -- what??!!?

We FINALLY met the real Gaston!

Emily scored a free slice of cheese and some ice cream since it was her birthday.  :)

I LOVED the parade and the dancing ghosts from the Haunted Mansion!

This was honestly my most annoyed part of the night (and probably the funniest part of the night).  Long story short - the other girl's wanted a picture of the narrator on our tram back to the car.  So they were waiting for the tram to go by so that they could take a picture. But the tram couldn't move because they were standing too close.  And this stand-off went on for like 5 minutes.  I was so tired and irritated - haha.  They finally got their picture...

...and my attitude wanting to leave!

The next morning, we toured the rest of the resort, ate lunch at Cheesecake Factory, got some Froyo, and headed home!

The Toy Story part of the resort was really adorable!

The girls had a rough night.  ;)

We all really had so much fun.  I haven't laughed that much in a long time!  We've already made a deal to all go back and do it again next year!


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