Tuesday, November 24, 2015

DailyRobyn: September

I am on the downhill slope now with my Daily Robyn posts.  At least that's what it feels like!  Here is what we were up to in September:

Day 244: I love this boy!

Day 245: This was an interesting turn of events.  My foot had been hurting for about 6 weeks, so I finally broke down and went to the doctor.  They were pretty sure that I had a stress fracture, so they put me in this for 2 weeks.  #grandmastatus

Day 246: We are a family of Seminoles!

Day 247: Football twins.  Except for teams and that dumb boot.

Day 248: Sometimes we capture a rare moment of them being sweet to each other!

Day 249:  My new favorite snack.

Day 250: I love when I can spend Mondays with this man!

Day 251: A one day old baby piglet came to school today!

Day 252: These kids.

Day 253: Despite our best efforts, baby Squish did not make it.

Day 254: You know it's been a long week when this is what you and your bff resort to on a Friday night.

Day 255: A great Saturday lunch out with my favorite boys!

Day 256: PERFECT weather! (and a Cooper!)

Day 257: Hey, girl.

Day 258: 6th Grade Black Eyed Peas!

Day 259: LL was cat girl for super hero day!

Day 260: A #tbt to 'Merica Day last year!

Day 261: I surprised this girl for lunch!

Day 262: A fun morning at Kid's Dig It!

Day 263: My whole world.

Day 264: A tiny hiney.

Day 265: A summer scarf, a side braid, and Kendra Scott.

Day 266: Squad goals.

Day 267: We had a rough night last night.  I found these two like this on the couch in the morning.  

Day 268: Girl's night at Disney World!!

Day 269: We made it back from a fun weekend!

Day 270: It was sad to see such a fun weekend end!

Day 271: These two are the bright spots in my Monday!

Day 272: This looks like a funny picture, but it is not!  We had to rush Lovie to the vet when we found her outside under the barn and not able to walk.

Day 273: Just because we haven't had a chicken picture in a while!

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