Monday, October 5, 2015

Movie Night

One night after school started, we were all just in a terribly grump mood.  We were all tired.  We were all irritable.  Nothing was making any of us happy.  I made an executive decision: we were going to eat an early dinner and then have family movie night!  Once I started making plans, everyone's mood started to get better!  After dinner, I got a ton of blankets and pillows and made a big pallet on the floor of the living room while Matt gave the kids a quick bath.

Even Lola was invited to join.  ;)

Full, clean, and snuggled up!

I picked a movie from Netflix that we had not seen before and we all enjoyed it.  

This ended up being a fun family night that lifted all of our moods!  We haven't done it again since, but I'm keeping this trick in my back pocket for when we all have another grumpy night!


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Emily said...

i'm jealous of your quilt! random emily knowledge but i've ALWAYS wanted a quilt!