Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Daily Robyn August

Here are all of my dailyRobyn posts from August (you can follow me on IG HERE):

Day 213: This was a kids sale score!  Cooper is so pumped about wearing his jacket "just like Nunu"

Day 214: This beautiful girl was excited for church!

Day 215: LL started a scripture book where she can write down her memory verses to look back on and remember.
"Work willingly at whatever you do as though you were working for the Lord rather than people" Col 3:23

Day 216: LL's 1st grade open house!

Day 217: Sometimes a big bowl of cereal at night is just what I need.

Day 218: In honor of LL's first day of first grade, here was a look back at her first day of pre-k 3.  Where did this baby go??

Day 219: Look at my big girl!  First day of 1st Grade!

Day 220: Celebrating Ben's 6th birthday with a pool party!

Day 221: I don't like Sunday nights because...Monday.  I do like Sunday nights because...Big Brother.

Day 222: 4 of my peeps.

Day 223: We're back at it!

Day 224: Cooper's preschool open house!

Day 225: Car wash!

Day 226: My LAST baby's FIRST day of school!

Day 227: We had a GREAT Saturday out and about in town.

Day 228: We've got 21 eggs in our basket, so it's time to give some away!  Our family doesn't think we're so crazy now that they're getting free, fresh eggs.

Day 229: Dinner for the win!  Salisberry steak meatballs with mashed potatoes!

Day 230: We all had a grumpy night, so we cheered ourselves up with a movie night in the living room!

Day 231: At Ben's birthday party in August, he got this gift.  And Cooper fell in love with it.  Uncle Gino won the best uncle of the year award when he randomly sent it (gift wrapped!) to Cooper as an un-birthday present!  Cooper was so happy!

Day 232: Girl's Night Out with my favorite ladies!

Day 233: Triplets on black and gold day!

Day 234: Dinner and playing with friends.  The dirtier you are, the more fun you had!

Day 235: Sunday afternoon grocery shopping with my best girl!

Day 236: Starting Monday off with school spirit in black and yellow!

Day 237: I love this girl.

Day 238: This old man.  He's starting to show his age, but he sure is a good dog!

Day 239: Wishing it was summer again and we were back at the beach playing putt-putt!

Day 240: A 101 on her spelling test!

Day 241: Cooper busted out the Halloween pj's!  We're ready for Fall!

Day 242: Sushi Sunday

Day 243: Monday's aren't terrible if you can end them by playing outside in beautiful weather after dinner.

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