Monday, September 14, 2015

July Randoms

I actually didn't have many left-over pictures from this month.  Most of them were covered in a post of their own.  Here are all the ones that didn't fit:

This sweet girl showed up at our house one day.  We called her Gerdy (short for Gertrude).  She stuck around for a few weeks, but then a neighbor found a home for her!

This boy loves super-hero dress up!

I found this doodle book for LL and she loves it!

Cooper attempted to ride LL's toy horse.

LL's new bookbag came in the mail!

Grammy and Pop made this cookie for Andrew for the 4th of July.

Even super heroes have chores to do.

The Kardashians learned how to perch!

Gerdy was sun-bathing in the front yard.

My favorite summer snack!

This boy would live in the pool if we let him!

Both kids love eating figs from Gigi's tree!

We had another fun pool day at the Parkers!

Matt cooked our first egg from the chickens!

Summer (and Wild Adventures) will wear a boy out.

I don't often get to hold him while he sleeps anymore, so I'll soak it up while I can!


I like to call this "the cockroach".  And yes, she was completely asleep.

Outside time!

The Kardashians are moving in!

Finger painting at Grammy and Pops!

Ice cream pool party at the Parkers!

That's a wrap for July (and summer)!


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