Sunday, September 13, 2015

DailyRobyn: July

I'm still going strong in my Daily Robyn posts!  Here are all of my daily pictures from July:

Day 182: Our annual trip to the firestation!

Day 183: A throw-back to the what an awesome time the kids had celebrating the 4th last year with fireworks.

Day 184: Summer

Day 185: Happy 4th of July!

Day 186: Another fun pool picture!  Matt can't really throw LL up anymore (she's too long) but he sure can throw her backwards!

Day 187: I laughed when Matt texted me this picture!

Day 188: One of my favorite parts about summer is trips to the movies with friends!

Day 189: Afternoon snuggles with a sweet boy's hand on my arm.

Day 190: A throwback to the last time we took the kids to the beach together!

Day 191: Hello, St. Augustine!

Day 192: My beach babies!

Day 183: Ending our trip to St. Augustine with a trip to Ripley's!

Day 184: The Kardashians are getting their adult feathers in.  And it's hilarious!

Day 195: Lunch with superheroes!

Day 196: Indoor s'mores.

Day 197: Dirty.  Happy.

Day 198: Sadness is a rained out pool birthday party.

Day 199: Matt and I had a blast running errands with LL - school shopping and new shoes for everyone!

Day 200: Bless.  This boy has never had a comfort object before.  No paci.  No special blanket.  No stuffed animal.  Until now.  He sleeps with his small Hulk every single night now and asks for it if he doesn't see it.  It is so precious.  The other thing he's holding?  His "babe-ing" suit.  Because we've created a beach monster.  I love this boy.

Day 201: 4th day in a row that we've gotten one small egg!

Day 202: Our last movie of the summer with friends.

Day 203: We took Cooper to the water park at Wild Adventures for the first time today.  He took it on like a BOSS!  He ran right in and started going down the water slides as if he had been doing it all his life.  ANd LL was GONE!  She took off and went down every slide they had - including a BIG one with Mommy.  It was a great day!

Day 204: Last vacation of the summer!

Day 205: The kids loved the aquarium!

Day 206: Zoo day!

Day 207: We came home from vacation to find half a dozen eggs!

Day 208: Coop had a blast driving in the cul-de-sac this weekend with "Aunt Ora".

Day 209: My mom started a tradition a while ago of collecting some "nature" from each place they visit, bringing it home, and displaying it in a jar.  They have a huge buffet in their kitchen where all the jars are displayed.  No two jars are the same shape or size and they are all full of different things.  They have things from all over the world!  Matt and I decided to start the same thing (although we haven't found a spot we love to display them yet).  In just this last year, we've collected shells from Jamaica, rocks from Tucson, sand and shells from St. George island, and this morning, I finally made our jar from St. Augustine.  The kids had such a fun time collecting shells on our trip and we were all super excited when Daddy found a shark tooth to put in our jar.  I'm so excited to have a collection of memories just like my mom one day from all over the world.

Day 210: Milkshakes and Big Brother.  I'm going to miss summer.

Day 211: Back to school haircut - check!

Day 212: We're doing on the last day of summer the same thing we did on the first day of summer - date night.  My heart belongs to this handsome man!

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