Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Atlanta Vacation - Day 3

After our fun day at the aquarium, we were ready for another fun day at the zoo.  Just like the aquarium, we got there a little before they opened and were ready to go as soon as they let us in!

For our zoo trip, all 7 of us got to go (Uncle Gino had to work the day we went to the aquarium).

Everybody loves the gorillas.

They had a brand new reptile house that was very large and very impressive!

This is the part of the day where things got interesting.  About 20 minutes after getting to the zoo, my stomach started getting really upset.  This isn't super uncommon (my stomach hates me), so I took some medicine and hoped it would pass.  It didn't, and it steadily got worse.  I spent more time in the bathroom than I did outside.  I decided that there was just no way I could stick out the rest of the day at the zoo.  Thankfully, we had taken two cars to the zoo.  I left in Aunt Laura's car and everyone had enough room to come back in my car.  I had to drive myself 40 minutes back to Laura and Gino's house.  By myself.  On the interstate.  While I had a stomach virus.  I literally spent the entire 40 minutes praying.  As soon as I walked into their house, I started throwing up.  I had a full-fledged stomach virus.  I was so glad I didn't try to stick out the rest of the day at the zoo!  Thankfully, everyone had a great time and they still took pictures for me!

I'm so sad I missed the pandas!

Lunch break!

Matt said the petting zoo was a hit with everyone.

They had a blast at the zoo!

I was bed (and bathroom) bound for the rest of the day.  That afternoon (after naps), Laura and Matt took the kids to play at a park right down the road.

Everyone came back and had pizza for dinner.  After dinner, Cooper went down for bed, and LL and Ben went with Aunt Laura and Uncle Gino to their friends house to have some smores.

Laura's friends have a fat, cross-eyed cat, named Sherman, that cracks me up.  Laura took this just to cheer me up.

That night, we had to rearrange our sleeping situation.  We put LL in the bed with me and Matt slept on the couch.  I was feeling a little better, and I always love seeing this sweet, sleeping face.

I hated getting sick, but I'm glad it didn't happen at the aquarium.  Thankfully, I felt better the next day and our trip home was uneventful.  


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