Sunday, August 30, 2015

The Peach Shed

Last year, we started a new tradition of going to a local peach shed during the summer for fresh fruit and homemade ice cream.  There are at least two that we know about, so this year we decided to go to a different one than we did last year.  I'm all about options.  ;)  We almost waited too late to go because they told us that they were closing for the season the following week!  Next year, we'll make sure we go much earlier (and maybe even more than once??).  
Cooper liked sitting on the peach while we waited for our ice cream!

Never one to be left out.  ;)

While we were eating our ice cream, this stray cat came up.  You know LL was all about it.  For the remainder of the time there, she cared more about that cat than anything else going on!

Cooper shared blueberry ice cream with me (I don't do peach)!

Trying to get both kids to look and smile is like wrangling cats in water.  But we attempted!

Grammy and Pop got there...and Cooper spotted them - haha.

My best girl!

We got a perfect family picture on the first try!

Grammy and Pop

This is one of my favorite summer traditions!


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