Saturday, August 29, 2015

St. Augustine Vacation - Day 2

Our plan for day 2 of our vacation was simple - the BEACH!  We got up in the morning, ate breakfast in our room, and we got ready to hit the sand!

Cooper found my hat while we were getting ready, and this is how I found him.  Silly boy!

We didn't get a hotel on the beach, so we drove and found a parking lot (we had lots of choices for parking because we got to the beach so early!), and walked to the beach.  I loved how LL held Cooper's hand the whole walk!

We got all of our gear set up, and then we headed out to play!  First thing on the list was sand castle making!

Cooper's favorite thing to do was play in the sand.  He was pretty cautious with the water.  But LL?  No way.  She wanted to constantly be in the water and had absolutely no fear.

I caught her mid-jump  -  haha.

This is her happy place!

She decided she wanted to build her own sand castle.  The sand at this beach was suuuuper full of crushed up shells, so it made building castles very hard!

Even though the sand was full of shells, Cooper was not discouraged!  He loved it!

As soon as I snapped this, he started to fall (and catch himself) - haha.

Our sand castle attempt!

After playing in the sand for a long time, Daddy took both kids out in the water.  Cooper was brave with Daddy holding him!

I love the look on their faces.

These 3 people fill up my heart.

We took a lunch break, and then headed out into the water for some more fun.

Cooper was super interested in a picture.  ;)

I love this!

LL's favorite thing to do is jump through the waves.

Cooper's favorite thing is when you hold him and swing him through the waves.

We all sat for a little while and dug for shells and looked at boats.

Ha!  My silly boy.

Cooper liked staying in the very shallow area with me.

LL and Matt were out in the water, and Matt reached down and just grabbed a handful of sand.  When he looked in it, he found a shark tooth!

My people!

I didn't mind having a few minutes to lay out while Matt took the kids in the water.

We decided to head back to the hotel mid-afternoon to take a break before dinner.  The kids played in the sand while we packed up all of the stuff.

We tried to take a family picture, but this is what we got: confusion and mean-mugging.

This was the best we got (and it totally makes me laugh).

When we got to the hotel, we decided to swim a little bit in the pool.  It started to rain, so we went back up to the room.  This was us "resting".

I don't put on make-up like this at home because I have a make-up table, but Matt always thinks its funny when I do this at other places.  

Ready for dinner!

The second night, we decided to go to dinner at The Sunset Grille.  We went once a long time ago and liked it.  We sat on the second story outside, and it was great.  We could see the beach, it wasn't hot at all, and the kids could move around a little.  It was perfect!  

We got an appetizer that was crab rangoon dip.  It was okay.  Not my favorite, but not terrible.

My best girl!

When we got back to the hotel, Cooper was in a super sweet mood.  He was snuggling with me in my bed and saying "Mine sweep with you, Mommy".  Obviously we didn't let him, but I sure did enjoy the snuggles!

It did not take long for the kids to fall asleep!

We had the best family vacation together.  Matt and I decided that we will take a beach trip (even if it's a small one) every summer.  We're already starting to think of what beach we would like to go to next year.  What beaches (within 4 hours of here) are your favorites?


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