Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Firestation Visit 2015

Every summer, and big group of friends and I get together and schedule a trip to the local fire station.  They do a great lesson on fire safety, and the kids love getting to see and climb in the trucks.  This isn't usually my favorite activity (typically because it's so HOT outside), but I'm starting to enjoy it more now that Cooper and LL are so into it.  Especially Cooper.  This year, Ben was in town, so we picked him up on our way!  Ben had never been to a fire station before, so this ended up being his first visit!

Bless.  Cooper does not always want to look at the camera!

Cousins!  They even arranged themselves in birth order.  ;)

First up: we sat down for a chat about fire safety and to see one of the fireman put on all of his gear.

Luke and Baby Carter.  I will say, I think Carter was more interested in his snacks than the fire safety talk - haha.

Cooper loved it!

LL was so sweet and let Cooper sit in her lap.

Showing the kids that being dressed up isn't scary!

After our fire safety talk, we got to go explore the fire trucks!


It's not often that I get to be by myself with my 3 favorite kids in the world!

LL and Luke have been rocking out these fire station visits together for quite a few years!  

Next, all the kids got a chance to spray the fire hose!

He loved it!

Right before we left, LL asked me to take this picture of her.  Sweet girl!  I am so glad that we are past the days of her hating having her picture taken!

Here is a picture of our whole crew this year!

The kids had so much fun and thankfully it wasn't as hot this year as it has been before!  You can take a look back at some of our past visits here:



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