Monday, August 17, 2015

DailyRobyn: June

I have officially made it half way through the year doing my Daily Robyn posts!  I'm proud of myself!  Here are all of my Daily Robyn from June:

Day 152: While we were on our fishing trip in St. George, LL went to Wild Adventures with her grandparents and had a blast!

Day 153: I had some big helpers at the grocery store!

Day 154: LL went on vacation with Grammy and Pop (and Grey) and had a blast!

Day 155: While LL was on vacation, Cooper got to go to Bruster's!

Day 156: We also had a fun morning picking blackberries at Rutland Farms!

Day 157: Reunited after her vacation!  I missed this girl!

Day 158: While we were loading up our groceries in the parking lot of Publix, we heard the ice cream truck!  LL had never seen one before, so we hunted him down and got some ice cream!

Day 159: Doing the man thing and washing his vehicle.

Day 160: I took LL to Mrs. Margie's one afternoon so that she could spend some time playing with Lily!

Day 161: Despite my resistance, I did go to the gym with Kayla quite a few times this summer!

Day 162: Afternoon snuggles (and snacks) in the big bed.

Day 163: Gigi got the kids these fun head bands in anticipation for the 4th of July!

Day 164: I am so in love with our family pictures from Captured by Colson!

Day 165: Without even meaning to, we went together perfectly for Flag Day.  Because we're awesome like that.

Day 166: LL was a travel bug this summer!  She got to go to the beach with Oma, Opa, and Ben!

Day 167: Cousins and footprints.

Day 168: I had a super big helper making spaghetti at Grammy and Pop's!

Day 169: Cousin lunch at Chik-Fil-A!

Day 170: Happy Birthday to my KK's!

Day 171: Ready for a birthday party!

Day 172: Happy Father's Day to the best daddy I've ever seen!

Day 173: Rainy day snuggles in the big bed with my best boy.

Day 174: Girl's Night paint party!

Day 175: We added 3 new chickens to our flock - meet The Kardashians.

Day 176: Birthday dinner with our birthday boy!

Day 177: 2 of my favorite girls!

Day 178: After almost 6.5 years, we finally convinced this girl to get her face painted.  And she loved it.

Day 179: Hulk smash!

Day 180: I literally spent the entire day cleaning and purging LL's room.  So.  Much.  Junk.

Day 181: We have a big, healthy boy!

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