Monday, August 3, 2015

Cooper's 3rd Year

Now that Cooper is 3 years old, lets look back at some of the fun stuff he was up to during his 3rd year:


Cooper kicked off being 3 years old with a birthday party with all of our family!

He was a big, healthy boy at his 2 year old check-up.

He was, hands down, the cutest yard man I've ever had!


Cooper had a blast celebrating the 4th of July!

Over the summer, this kid became a pro at chowing down on watermelon!

We went on our annual trip to the fire station.

We started a new summer tradition of going to the Peach Shed for ice cream and fresh peaches.

Cooper had a blast with Pop when we went fishing when Mamaw Lucy was in town.


We were busy with school starting, but we managed to fit in a fun Saturday as a family around town.


During a shower, the kids couldn't pass up an opportunity to ride bikes in the rain!

Cooper had a blast a Kids Dig It!

He loves having breakfast with Daddy, Grammy, and Pop at Waffle House.


Coop enjoyed our annual trip to the Honey Bee Festival.

He got his first major busted lip.

He was obsessed with the hunting gear that Daddy bought LL.

Coop loved his Halloween glasses from Gigi!

He loved the pumpkin patch.

Even though he didn't participate too much, he did enjoy carving pumpkins.

Cooper dressed up as Nunu for Halloween!


More mornings at Waffle House!

He had a blast celebrating Thanksgiving in Atlanta with Aunt Laura, Uncle Gino, and Ben!


He had so much fun running around the Christmas Tree Farm!

He got his big boy bed!!

He had fun helping Grammy bake Christmas cookies!

Christmas was the best!

Cooper loved the fireworks at New Years!


We went to Disney World to celebrate LL's birthday and Cooper's first trip!

KK's and I took Cooper out one afternoon to snap some sweet pictures of him at 2.5 years old.


This silly boy kept us laughing!

He ate some cake like a boss at his sister's birthday party.

His silly personality came out more and more!

He and LL started to enjoy each other more.

Potty training started!


Cooper had fun playing with Ben when he came to visit!

He was a huge helper at the grocery store!

Living the kid life: playing outside and drinking water from the hose.

We took a trip as a family to the Azalea Festival.  

Cooper was a beast at helping do yard work at Grammy and Pop's!


Cooper enjoyed our "make your own pizza night"!

He was a handsome man in his Ryan Gosling inspired shirt.

He did an egg hunt with our church.

He was the most handsome little boy on Easter!

He had one of the best days of his life when Andrew took us to see his plane!

We took a trip with the Parkers to see Disney on Ice!

He got to play around in the backyard of my childhood home.

He loved a trip to Home Depot so we could start some house projects!


He got a new sand box/picnic table and Grammy and Pop's!

He was so happy when swimming season officially started!!

He also loves breakfast at Hardee's!

He loved spending our first official day of summer swimming with friends!

He loves our daily "popsicles on the porch" after dinner.

On a trip to Wild Adventures, Cooper fed a giraffe!!

He spent every second possible playing outside.

Cooper saw Daddy's work for the first time!


He started swim lessons with Mrs. Margie!

He was a big helper at the grocery store.

He for sure enjoyed a trip to Bruster's.

He did a perfect job at picking blackberries!

He got his 3 year pictures taken!

You can see Cooper's past year re-caps here:

We truly had so much fun with this boy this year.  He is such a blessing to us and our family!


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