Saturday, August 15, 2015

Cooper's 3rd Birthday Letter from Mommy

You, my sweet boy, are 3 years old.  I will tell you this - I have enjoyed every moment of the last 3 years.  You are the perfect addition to our family.  We were never complete until you came.  You, Cooper, are exactly what we needed.  Especially me.  You and I have a special bond.  I can't describe it.  It sounds so cheesy, but it's like our souls are intertwined.  You are my little buddy.  My little man.  My silly boy.  My baby.  

You are so funny.  You have your daddy's personality for sure.  You are rarely serious and love to be silly.  You think so differently from me, and it's fun to watch you live your life.  You love to make people laugh.  You laugh just like your sister.  You guys sound almost exactly the same. 

You are tough.  You rarely cry, even when you get hurt.  You might cry for a second, but  you mostly just whine.  It seems like almost nothing hurts you.  For a little while, Daddy and I were thinking you maybe had that disorder where people can't feel pain because you so rarely complain about injuries.  And there are a lot of injuries.

You are all boy.  We call you our "Happy Tornado" and it is the most accurate description of who you are.  You are constant and on the go.  You never stop.  You are into everything.  But you are also mostly happy.  It is so much harder to discipline you than it was your sister.  I know it's a combination of things: being the baby, being so happy.  Anything that someone can think of as a stereo-typical "boy" thing - that is you.  And I love it.

You are sweet.  Some of my favorite moments with you are right before you go to sleep at night.  I will get on my knees on the floor by your bed, and I will rub you and you will rub my hair.  You are so quiet and precious in these moments and I want to lock them away in my memory forever.  You're very sleepy and whisper, and tell me "Mine pet your hair" as you rub me.  It is my absolute favorite part of every day.

I can already tell that 3 is going to be a tough year on you.  It's going to be the "trying threes" for sure.  But I'm going to love you through it and we'll both come out on the other side.  You're also starting preschool this year.  And while I'm sad that you're old enough to go, I am so excited for how much fun I know you're going to have.  I'm pretty sure you're going to love it.
Cooper -  I love you.  I will spend my whole life trying to show you how much, but I don't know if I can.  I prayed for you so hard.  You have no idea what we went through to get you here, and it was so worth it.  We needed exactly you.

I love you,


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