Sunday, August 16, 2015

Cooper's 3rd Birthday Letter from Daddy


     Hey Buddy! Three years old huh? Well then, I guess since you insist on getting older then it's time for me to make my twice yearly contribution to mommy's blog. First things first I guess. Son, learn to use the toilet! This potty training thing is killing us. You're pretty good at it when you decide to actually use the bathroom so let's make this a permanent thing this year ok?

Now that that's out of the way let me tell you just how lucky I am to be your daddy. You're hilariously funny and always fun to be around. You live up to your Happy Tornado nickname. You wear us out with your energy, but you're so much fun it's worth it.

You don't know it but every night after you go to sleep your mommy and I sit down and talk about you and Lorelai and how much we love you both. I always knew I wanted a son and year by year it gets clearer just how blessed I am to have you. More and more I see myself in you. I see my love for the water and to be outside. I see my silly jokes, faces, and just all around goofiness. You are my best little buddy and I can't wait for the camping, fishing, and hunting trips that are coming as you grow older but one thing is sure, I'm not wishing one day away with you. Your mommy, Lorelai, and I love you so much. Thank you for making our little family even better.



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