Monday, August 10, 2015

Cooper's 3 Year Old Well-Baby Check-Up

The week after his birthday, Cooper had his well-baby check at the doctor's office.  We haven't been for a well visit since he turned 2, so I was excited to see how much he had grown in the last year!

Here are the stats from his appointment:

Weight: 38 lbs (94%)  + 6lbs 8 oz at 2 years (80%)
Height: 40 1/4" (96%)  + 4 1/2" at 2 years (80%)
BMI: 16.5 (66%) - not previously measured

Dude is a beast!  For weight and height, he is seriously almost off of the charts.  But he is healthy.  He's just a big boy!

Here's how he compares to LL at 3 years old:
She weighed 32 lbs (so he weighs 6 lbs more)
She was 38" tall (so he's 2 1/4" taller)

His appointment was early in the morning, but we still ended up waiting for a good chunk of time.  He played with his Mini-Cooper while we waited.  ;)

We also took some pictures to help pass the time.

We finally got called back to check his vitals, and he was a pro!  He sat so still while she did his blood pressure (gave his arm a hug) and didn't move at all!

They gave us this paper gown to wear.  ??  This was new - we've never had them do this before.  We did manage to get it on him for a minute...

...but it didn't last long so we just didn't worry about it.

Here are some things we talked about:

-He is a pretty good eater and eats a variety of foods.
-We told her that he's still only about 75% potty trained, and she wasn't concerned about it at all.
-They pricked his finger and it came back fine.

We go back again when he's 4 - and he'll get a pretty good amount of shots.  We are so thankful for such a healthy boy!


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