Monday, August 31, 2015

Atlanta Vacation - Day 1 & 2

Another thing that was on our to-do list for this summer was to take a vacation to Atlanta to go to the zoo and the aquarium.  I took LL to the zoo and the aquarium when she was almost 2.5  She also went back to the aquarium with Gigi the summer that Cooper was born.  Cooper has been to Atlanta several times when we visit Aunt Laura and Uncle Gino, but he has never been to either of these places.  This year, we planned a long weekend trip to tackle taking the kids to both of these places!  Matt took off Thursday and Friday from work.  We spent Thursday morning getting ready, and we hit the road at lunch time (hoping Cooper would nap some on the way up.  Spoiler: he didn't).

My sweet girl!

For dinner Thursday night, Laura and I stayed home with the kids so that Matt and Gino could have a boys night for dinner (Matt's birthday present).  These were just their appetizers!

Matt's dinner.  He said it was fantastic!

The sleeping situation was interesting.  LL was going through a rough-sleeping stage (she does this every 6 months).  We haven't visited since Cooper stopped sleeping in a crib/pack-n-play.  So our plan was this - the boys in Ben's room (Ben in his bed, Cooper in an air mattress on the floor), and LL on the floor of our room (where she would end up anyway).  It took Cooper a little bit to go to sleep, but he was precious once he did.

I love how he sleeps on his back with his little hands under his head.

We made LL a little "kitty cave" under Aunt Laura's desk in the guest room.

The next morning we got up and moving early and we were in line for the aquarium when they opened.  

3 best buds!  

Waiting in line.  We don't often get a picture of the two of us that isn't a selfie!

The kids had a blast together in the aquarium!  So much so that Cooper lost his mind when we went to the food court for lunch (because he thought we were leaving).  I mean - lost. his. mind.

LL loved the big wall.  She and Matt seriously sat here for over an hour.  And they both could have sat longer.

After 6 years, LL will finally get her face painted!  After she got this, Cooper insisted on the same thing on his arm.

My favorite part - the penguins!

The kids loved all the tunnels.  And I love how you can see Aunt Laura crawling in there, too.

Ben and the penguins!

LL and the penguins!

Me and the penguins!  They're my fav!

All of the kids really love this wall.  Cooper sat on Matt's lap for a long time.  He kept telling me, "Mine saw a big grouper!"

After the aquarium, the boys were on kid duty while Laura and I got some girls time.  We headed out for some shopping and dinner in the convertible!

We did a little shopping and then got some italian food.

When we got back to the house, Cooper took a ride with Aunt Laura.

We had a fun day and got lots of rest in preparation for our next day at the zoo!


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