Thursday, August 20, 2015

4th of July 2015

Last year, we had so much fun at our 4th of July party at Gigi and Poppy's house.  This year - we wanted to do the same thing!!  Ben was in town this year, so that means Aunt Laura and Uncle Gino were here to celebrate too!  We also had Kayla, Andrew, Grammy, and Pop come.  It was a full house and a lot of fun!  

LL spent the night with Ben at Gigi's house the night before.  That morning, we got up and headed over with our patriotic boy!  Matt tried to get a few pictures of me and Cooper before we left, and Cooper was making the funniest faces.  It was cracking all of us up!

So silly!

Ready for a fun day!

Laura and I snuck out for a little while to go get a pedicure!  She had never had one before!!  It was fun to get in a little girl time!

Laura's first pedicure!

After naps, everyone (almost) hit the pool.  Gigi had a bunch of water balloons that she filled up and everyone had a blast with them.  Hands down, my favorite moment of the day was when Grammy (Matt's mom) tried to throw a balloon at Kayla and missed and hit Gigi (my mom).  So funny!

We opted for staying out of the pool and taking pictures.  :)

This cracks me up that it only focused on Laura's face.

Cooper loves it when Daddy throws him.

LL is a little too big for Daddy to throw her straight up - but not for him to throw her backwards!

After swimming, everyone got changed for dinner and then (early) fireworks.  We had to take a few family pictures with everyone in their red, white, and blue.

I am so happy that Kayla and Andrew were in town this year!

The kids were set up and ready for a fireworks show!!

First up was the easy part - sparklers.

Andrew, Matt, and Aaron (Kayla's brother) were the fireworks crew!

This is what happens when your bff ends up with your phone for a little while.

This is what happens when your husband ends up with your phone for a little while.

Our last 7 years celebrating the 4th of July!
We ended up going home and shooting off some bigger fireworks (since there aren't many trees).  The kids loved it!

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