Thursday, June 25, 2015

Mother's Day at School

LL's Kindergarten teacher is an amazing woman.  She is so kind and loving, and she also taught LL so much this year.  Somehow, she always manages to squeeze in super cute activities for every single holiday.  She invited all of the Mom's for a Mother's Day breakfast.  It fell on a day at school where we had a fun/crazy day going on (hence me in a tshirt), but I was able to sneak away for a little while.

We all had a place setting at our child's seat with a picture and several crafts our child had made.

She also had several cute songs prepared.
Here are the videos I took:

We had so much fun eating and looking at all the neat stuff she made!

LL took me in the hallway to show me the picture she drew of me and the sentences she wrote.  I'll be honest, I didn't know whether to be offended or to laugh at her picture.  I ended up laughing (not in a bad way).  It was sweet though, LL said "your mouth is so big because you're smiling so big".  How do you not love that?

"My mom has brown eyes.  She has black hair.  My mom's name is Robyn.  She is pretty.  She loves me.  She is really nice.  My mom lets me play.  You are cool.  She can read like me.  She is just like me."

Mrs. Allison also took all the individual pictures of the kids and made it into a heart in the hallway.

LL and her best friend, Madeline.

It was a sweet morning that LL and I enjoyed together!


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