Saturday, June 27, 2015

LL's Field Trip to Rutland Farms

In the last few weeks of school, LL's school took the kindergartners on a field trip to Rutland Farms.  It's a place close to us that has a petting zoo, and a lot of you-pick farms.  They encouraged parents to come along on the field trip.  My school was having a field trip for 6th graders the same day (and I was one of the teachers who stayed behind with the kids who couldn't/didn't go), so I for sure couldn't take off to go with her.  Daddy to the rescue!  He was actually just as excited to go as she was and they both ended up having a blast.  

He got there a little before the school buses did, so he was there waiting when she got there.  Of course she was glued to her best friend, Madeline, the whole time!

They went to the petting zoo, and I'm pretty sure that this was LL's favorite part.  Matt sent me this picture of a goat.  Notice anything weird?  He had no ears!  The guy that runs the place said that his mother abandoned him because of his birth defect, so now he went everywhere with the owner just like a dog.  He said he even rides in the truck with him!

The kids got a lesson on bees!


The pig named Porkchop.

After the petting zoo, the kids all got to pick some strawberries.

I love these two!  I'm so glad they had a blast!

The ended the field trip with a tractor ride!

These sweet girls with Mrs. Allison

Waiting to feed the fish.

LL and Daddy both came away from the day saying how much fun it was and how much they loved it!


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