Sunday, June 14, 2015

DailyRobyn: April

I'm still doing great on my #dailyRobyn posts on IG! (You can follow me HERE).  Here are my posts from April:

Day 91 & 92 - Easter activities!  We dyed Easter eggs and tried on her Easter dress to make sure it fit.

Day 93: LL had a blast at her Easter egg hunt at school with Gigi.

Day 94: We fit in a lot of our favorite Easter activities - including resurrection rolls!

Day 95- These gorgeous kids had a blast on Easter.  We kicked it off by going to church with Grammy and Pop.

Day 96: During Spring Break, we tried to do one fun thing every day.  This day, LL and I went to see Cinderella with Grammy and MeeMee!

Day 97: Our fun thing this day of Spring Break was having KK's and Nunu over for dinner (and lots of playing!)

Day 98: Our fun thing this day was shopping and dinner with Gigi!

Day 99: Cooper's favorite fun thing from the entire week was getting to see Nunu and his plane!

Day 100: The chicken coop is officially done and the chickens have moved in!

Day 101: To close out of days of fun during Spring Break, we went to Jax to see Disney On Ice with Emily, Kye, and Britt!

Day 102: Celebrating Matt's birthday (35!!)

Day 103: Snuggles with my "happy tornado".

Day 104: Sometimes, family is defined by the people who are related to you by blood.  Sometimes, it is defined by those who choose to love you even when they don't have to.  Sometimes in life, you're lucky enough to have family that is made up of both.

Day 105: Took my babies to see the house that I grew up in (and the house that Matt and I lived in for the first 4 years of our marriage).  I loved seeing them play in the same backyard I used to play in as a kid!

Day 106: A #tbt to that time that Meghan and I took a trip girl's trip to St. Augustine (pre-kids) AND decided to do a haunted tour by ourselves AND took this gem of a picture.  

Day 107: We are so glad it's Friday!

Day 108: House projects and this boy falling in love with Home Depot.

Day 109: One flower bed done!  Goodbye old, dead bushes!

Day 110: I had the cutest visitor at school!

Day 111: Standardized Testing at school = not awesome.  This boy = awesome.

Day 112:  Where did this baby girl go??

Day 113: I loved finding cute things like this on the back of LL's work from school.  "I love Mrs. Allison and Mrs. Barbara".

Day 115: LL and I had a blast on our Atlanta vacation!

Day 116: We found all of Cooper's "Cars" cars and put them in one place.  He was a happy boy!

Day 117: LL didn't have the best of days today when it came to attitude.  After she went to bed tonight, Matt and I reminded each other that someone somewhere is praying desperately to be a parent tonight (and would gladly take a child in a bad mood).  It really got our hearts back in the right place.  Tomorrow will be a new day!

Day 118: A #tbt to last summer and this boy's love of water.  Even if that means the dog's water bucket.

Day 119: Is there a better way to watch TV?

Day 120: LL rocked it out at her Kindergarten Program!

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