Monday, June 15, 2015

April Randoms

This month, I actually didn't have too many things that were left over after blogging all of our month.  We had a busy month, so almost everything had been covered.  Here are a few random things that we had going on:

One Friday night we had a "make your own pizza"night.  The kids absolutely loved it and helped make their own mini-pizza.

Here's Coop and his pizza (cheese, pepperoni, and olives):

Here's LL and her pizza (cheese, pepperoni, olives, and pineapple):

For Grammy's birthday this month, we had a whole big crew of us go out to dinner to celebrate.  Gentry and Gray came up, and Cooper loved hanging out with "Gway".

Don't you just love the preciousness of a napping baby??

I went to a baby shower this month.  Instead of asking Grammy to do all of my monogramming for me, I did it myself!  I was very proud of the outcome (even if it did take me 4 hours - haha).

Cooper modeling his new swim suit at Grammy's.


This is how Coop loves to start his morning.  Relaxed, naked, with milk, and watching cartoons.

One night I had a random idea to go to Waffle House for dinner.  If you know me, you know that my fickle stomach does not handle WH very well.  The kids loved it (I did too!) and ate absolutely everything on their plate!

Another early morning picture.  :)

I got a pretty nasty stomach virus this month, so Kayla was a lifesaver and took LL to school for me.  I don't think either of them hated it.  :)

Grammy texted me this at school one day.  This is what she made Cooper for lunch.  I know.

Where's Cooper???

That's a wrap for April!


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