Monday, March 16, 2015

LL's 6th Birthday Letter from Daddy


     What a beautiful little lady you are becoming. I can't believe we just celebrated your sixth birthday! Reflecting back on the past year I can say it has been amazing. You've grown up so much and I feel like, even though you've always been Daddy's girl, we've grown even closer. I LOVE to spend time with you. You're fun, funny, bright, intelligent, and all around great to be around. I love watching you around other people and see how you always bring out their smiles. You are the best big sister. Cooper is lucky to have you around teaching him and guiding him. You are compassionate towards Coop and are always willing to help Me, or Mommy with him.

 I love how you are so much like me. Your love for the outdoors and animals is just like mine and it makes me so happy when you ask me to take you fishing or to go camping. You took your first hunting trips this year and even though we didn't see any deer, they were the best trips I've had. I can't wait until next season. I love that you will eat wild game with me. Mommy is too much of a picky eater but you will eat deer, duck, squirrel, or whatever else I bring home. (We're going to take that frog hunting trip to get some frog legs soon.)

LL you make this family so much better. You are the blessing that mommy and I prayed so hard for. I look forward to your hugs and kisses everyday. I love you.



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