Thursday, March 19, 2015

February Randoms

Here is a random collection of some things that happened in February that didn't fit into a post by themselves:

Cooper had a blast painting at Grammy and Pop's this month!

Cooper and Pop playing "gegos"

Future model.

Loving Aunt Laura!

Outside is his happy place.

Matt and I tried a new place for dinner (CupWorks).  It was great!

Bath time with my crazies!

After I put Cooper to bed one night, I found him like this.  Standing silently, hands behind his back.  Kind of creepy - haha.

My big, brave girl running to the morning bus all by herself.

We had quite a few early mornings this month (think 4 am), and that meant he didn't even make it to Grammy and Pop's without falling asleep.

LL and her two favorite people - Mrs. Kayla and Mr. Andrew.  She was super shy around him in his uniform - it was cute.

My school gave us heart shaped biscuits on Valentine's Day.

Some of my students surprised me with treats, too.

Cooper's Valentine's balloon from Grammy and Pop (that later got away and flew into the sky - causing great amounts of crying).

After her Valentine's party at school, LL spent the afternoon with me at my school.  She was great at telling the kids what they needed to do!

Valentine's strawberries!  YUM!

Over Winter Break, we went to a birthday party for LL's best friend, Madeline.

Grammy and Pop got Cooper a stuffed bear to replace his balloon that flew away.  Cooper named him airport (he kept saying his balloon flew to the airport).  He's feeding airport some of his french fries at dinner.

 During Winter Break, LL wanted to play in her room during Cooper's nap time (usually she comes to our room and watches a movie).  I went in to check on her and found her like this.

This cat loves her.

Snuggles with my boy!

Oma and Opa took LL to Tractor Supply to see the baby chicks.

Playing in his bed (not at bed time).

Trying to blow out the fire at Gigi's.  ;)

That's a wrap for February!


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