Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Daily Robyn: February

Here are all of my #dailyRobyn posts for February!  If you don't follow me on Instagram, you can follow me here.

Day 32: This silly boy makes me laugh!

Day 33: This boy is just that - ALL BOY!

Day 34: A throwback to my last day of being pregnant with LL!

Day 35: Aunt Laura and Uncle Gino sent LL some matching outfits for her and Claire.  On her last day of being 5, she and Claire had a twin day!

Day 36: This beauty is SIX!

Day 37: When I was going through her school work for the day, I found this picture she had drawn on the back of one of her papers.  "I love Mrs. Allison".

Day 38: On the day of our town's annual Father/Daughter Valentine's Dance, LL was doing this instead.  Not long after this picture, the stomach virus hit her hard.

Day  39: We thought our snow queen was getting over her virus, but no such luck.  That bad boy stuck around for almost a week.

Day 40: This picture is one of my favorites of my handsome boy.  He has my heart!

Day 41: Daddy took LL to her 6 year well-visit.  Her stats looked great!

Day 42: He and Daddy stopped by the grocery store on the way home and he talked him into buying a balloon.  He hadn't napped this day, and he couldn't make it home awake.

Day 43: A throwback to our pictures last summer with Lindsay Colson.  I'm so excited to work with her again in a few months!

Day 44: Valentine's Day!  I don't want flowers, but I'll sure take a big box of chocolate covered strawberries!

Day 45: LL doesn't nap anymore, but she and Daddy both conked out this day.  I pray she always knows the depth of his love for her.

Day 46: Potty training has begun.

Day 47: Pants-less and still potty training.

Day 48:Indoor, rainy day, potty training activities.

Day 49: My EO's came in!  

Day 50: We are all dreaming of the beach during all of this cold, nasty, rainy weather.

Day 51: After a long week of hard-core potty training, we were resorting to anything to keep us occupied.

Day 52: After a solid week of not leaving the house for potty training, we snuck over to Grammy and Pop's for some much-needed time out of the house!

Day 53: Comfort food

Day 54: Hello, Monday.  Thanks for bringing us a busted pipe and a soaked closet.

Day 55: Early morning craziness while waiting for the bus.

Day 56: my whole family grieved the loss of this old man today (my sister's dog).  We are animal people and love them like family.  I shed more tears than I'd probably like to admit.

Day 57: A throwback to Jamaica!  Looking forward to our next alone-vacation to Arizona!

Day 58: My FFA girls did a great job decorating my door!

Day 59: Our InstaWall is getting closer to being done!

You can look back at my #dailyRobyn post from January here.


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