Monday, March 30, 2015

Cousin Time

A few weeks ago, my sister and family came down to visit.  Not for any special reason - just because we hadn't seen them in a while!  They were down for about 24 hours, so we didn't have a ton of time to do much.  We did, however, enjoy each other as much as possible!

They came down Saturday afternoon (and we had a birthday party to go to), so we met up with them at Gigi's house around dinner time.  After dinner, we made monster cookies!  We wanted to make them green for St. Patrick's day.  They turned out a little green, but the color didn't take a ton.

After church on Sunday we headed over, too.  We stayed there and ate lunch and hung out while Cooper took a nap.  When Cooper woke up, he wanted to snuggle his Aunt Laura!

My best friend!

Sunday afternoon they headed home to Atlanta and we headed home to get ready for the week.  Before they left, we attempted a cousin picture:

So good!

Gigi and her girls and grandkids!

It wasn't a long weekend, but it was great to see them!   Hopefully they'll come down again, soon!


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