Thursday, February 19, 2015

LL's 6th Year

Lorelai turned 6 at the beginning of February.  Here's a look back at her past year!


She turned 5 years old!

We attempted some pictures in the back yard.

LL and Daddy went to the Father/Daughter Valentine's Dance for the second year in a row.

We had LL's 5th birthday party at Tiny Bubbles.


LL had a blast at our annual trip to the Azalea Festival.

She had her first real sleep-over.

She had so much fun having Ben in town!

The world of dressing-up began.

She went along on her first girl's night with a mani and dinner!

We got a kick-start on spring and planted some flowers on a rainy Sunday.

LL had a blast hunting eggs at the Bunny Hop.


LL enjoyed playing at the park after church when we had a picnic lunch with friends.

She had fun at her class Easter party.

She had a blast hunting Easter eggs at Grammy and Pop's house.

She loved playing with the chicks Grammy and Pop bought.

We did our annual chick pics.  

She continued to be an amazing big sister.

She enjoyed a fun breakfast with Daddy.

LL got her new cat, Lovie!

She had her first gymnastics exhibition!


She had her last day of pre-k!

LL graduated preschool.

She kicked off summer with a bang!

She had a blast doing anything water related.  Even if it was car washing buckets.

She continued to be an amazing big sister.

We had a girl's day before Mommy and Daddy left for Jamaica!


We went and picked blueberries.

She and Daddy spent some one-on-one time fishing.

She loved babysitting Zoe for the summer.

She loved all the activities we fit in during the summer.

LL loved playing outside.

Especially if it had anything to do with water.

LL went on vacation with Grammy and Pop for a few days.

She had fun at VBS with her friends.

She loved to go swimming any chance we got!


We went fishing when Mamaw Lucy was in town.

She had fun at our annual trip to the firestation.

She loved peach ice-cream from a local peach shed.

But I think the 4th of July was her favorite!

We had to get in a lot of early-morning outside time before it got super hot.

And of course - more swimming!

We went to Wild Adventures with friends.

She loved taking a girls-only trip to Atlanta.

She loved eating things from our garden!


Grammy and Pop threw LL a "welcome to Kindergarten" dinner.

We had her open house at school.

She started kindergarten!

She got her first professional hair cut.

And she became so confident after starting school!

I have to soak up how excited she is to be "twinsies" before she doesn't think it's cool anymore.

"What do you mean summer is over??"


She had a blast with Cooper at Kids Dig It.

She looked beautiful for picture day.

She continued to still be the best big sister.


She had a blast at the Honeybee

LL went hunting with Daddy for the first time.

She loved going to the pumpkin patch.

She taught Cooper how to carve a pumpkin!

She was the cutest butterfly I've ever seen!


She went to her first "Go Noles" (FSU) game.

She had fun at her Thanksgiving party at school.

She had a blast spending Thanksgiving in Atlanta!


Lorelai got an award at school!

She got to bring a bear to school for "bear day".

She lost her first tooth!!

She was in Heaven visiting Uncle Bryan's puppies.

She loved doing fireworks for New Years!


We celebrated her birthday at DISNEY WORLD!


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