Tuesday, February 17, 2015

LL's 6th Birthday

Typically for my kids' birthdays, we have a party where friends and family come (usually the weekend before or after their actual birthday), and then on the day of their birthday, we have a big dinner with all of our family.  This year was a little different for LL.  Since we celebrated at Disney for her birthday, we didn't have an actual party.  Her birthday also fell during the week, so that meant that it was a school day for both of us.  And, yes, we both went.  If we hadn't taken off days for Disney, we might would have considered skipping school that day.  But after just missing two days, that wasn't an option.

As a treat, I let her pick out what she wanted to wear (typically I pick it out for her), and we also made sure that she was up early enough for me to straighten her hair (another treat for her).

Ready to tackle a school day!

I also surprised her by making it to her school to eat lunch with her.  Everyone else in our family has made it but me (due to my schedule at school, it doesn't work out for me to go).  I talked to my principal and we figured out a way for me to make it on her birthday!

He sweet teacher had this cute hat for her to wear.

LL and her best friend, Madeline.

For their birthday dinner, my kids have two options.  The first is that we host everyone at our house and I'll cook whatever they want (this has been Cooper's only option since he's still pretty little).  The second option is that we can all go out to eat and they get to pick their restaurant of choice.  When she turned 4, LL picked Cheddars (she loves the big fish tank).  When she turned 5, she picked Red Lobster (she loves to eat crab legs).  This year, she picked Cici's (the games and pizza are what got her).  At her birthday dinner this year, she had all of her grandparents, Meemee, and Mrs. Kayla and Mr. Andrew.  She is a loved little girl!

She loves her Mrs. Kayla!

Matt and I have never had friends who have been as in love with our children as Kayla and Andrew are.  They are the best with kids, and they truly love ours and want to spend time with them.  It makes us all fall in love with them even more!

Matt and Andrew decided to divide and conquer when it came to the kids and playing games.  Cooper wanted to drive...

...and LL wanted to play a hunting game.

After games, we all at pizza (which made sevvveral people sick afterwards) and then had cake and presents.

Kayla, LL, and Gigi

The princess cake that we surprised LL with.  She had no idea what kind of cake she was getting.  She loved it!

My heart explodes with this sweet girl!

Someone there wasn't shy about eating the cake at all.  He couldn't even wait for a fork - he just went for it.

It's quite possible that he enjoyed the cake more than the rest of us combined.

LL was so sweet with opening all of her presents.  She did great with thanking every person after she opened her gifts.

While LL opened her presents, Cooper had no problem being all boy and doing his thing.  He loved walking under this counter.

Bless her.  Grammy and Cooper made LL a card with pictures of LL and Cooper together on the front.  And this was her reaction.  She loved it.

Oma and Opa

Gigi and Poppy


Pop and Grammy

Andrew and Kayla

Time for pictures with Daddy and Mommy!

And an attempt to get a picture with all 4 of us - not the easiest of tasks.

I so wish this had been in focus and that LL had been looking.  It's rare to get a perfect picture of Cooper!

This was the best one!

I love this girl and our friendship!

Everyone always says my sister looks like both our mom and our dad.  But I really feel like mom and I favor!

Thanks, Dad.

Cooper talked Opa into some more driving games.  ;)

It really was a great birthday and LL had so much fun!  You can see her past birthdays here:



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