Thursday, February 26, 2015

LL's 6 Year Old Well-Visit

The week after her birthday, LL came down with a pretty nasty stomach virus.  She had to miss the Father/Daughter Valentine's Dance and several days of school.  Her 6 year well-visit was originally planned for one afternoon the week after her birthday, but since she was already missing some school, we changed it to one of the days that she was already out of school.  Because I had just missed some days for Disney, I really didn't need to miss anymore.  I'm also having to miss quite a few days in March for a trip Matt and I are going on, so I'm trying to save all the days I can.  Matt just took a late lunch one afternoon and took LL to her appointment solo.

Thankfully, she didn't have to get any shots, but she was already not feeling great, so Matt said she did pretty terrible at the doctor.  She wasn't cooperative and wasn't happy about the whole process.  This is actually the first well-visit that I've ever missed, but I didn't feel too terrible after Matt told me how awful it went.  ;)

Here's a little bit about her visit:

Weight: 46 lbs - 57% (+4 lbs from last year)
Height: 46 1/4" - 69% (+2 1/4" from last year)
BMI: 15.1 - 47% (They look for a number between 5-85 as "normal")

She still is continuing with the trend of her entire life so far - she is long and lean!  Her stats and percentages look great.  She did not cooperate for a hearing test, but she did do her vision test.  She got 20/20 in one eye and 20/30 in the other.

Matt was pretty flustered at this visit, but these are the things he said that they asked about concerning her development:
- Does she know her letters?  (Yes)
-Can she tie her shoes? (No.  But she has been very interested in learning how lately)
-Can she count to 20? (Yes - she can count to 100)
-What is her favorite subject? (She said she forgot - haha)
-Is she active? (Very)
-Does she eat healthy? (Yes)

The PA asked Dr. Blache to come in a look at her strawberry, and Dr. Blache said that it looks great.  She said it's doing exactly what it's supposed to.  It's thinning out, it's very flat, and the space between all of the capillaries is getting bigger (so you're starting to be able to see some normal skin in between).

They also checked her hemoglobin and said that it was fine.  They said she needs to be drinking less than 24 oz of milk a day, which isn't an issue.

We are blessed with a very healthy girl!


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