Wednesday, February 18, 2015

LL at 6 Years Old

I took these pictures of Lorelai on her 6th birthday.  Here are some things I want to remember about her at 6 years old:

-Lorelai is a sweet, silly, stubborn girl.  All of these traits I love.  She loves to make other people laugh (and she loves to laugh herself).  She really has the sweetest heart (even if it's not showing through some days).  She is a great daughter and a great big sister.  While she and Cooper do argue, she is also so sweet and loving towards him.  She tells us that he's handsome and so cute.  She hugs and kisses him.  She loves to boss him around and get him to do what she wants.  She's also stubborn about 99% of the time - haha.  She loves to feel like things are her idea.  She doesn't like it if things don't go her way.  But that also means that, when she sets her mind to it, she will accomplish whatever she wants.  She has had this quality since birth, and we're trying our best to teach her how to use it to benefit her.  And we can see that starting to work!

-She thrives on praise.  She does not respond well to punishment (it doesn't mean it doesn't happen), and truly follows the old saying "you catch more flies with honey".  If you ever want her to do something, the best way to get it done is to praise her and build her up.  She'll jump over the moon for you (and with a willing and happy heart) if you start out that way with her.  On the flip side, when things have gone down hill, punishment seems to make it worse.  Of course that doesn't mean we don't punish, but we know that it will make things worse before it gets better.  Which is also good for her to learn.  One of the best things to do with her is give her some time alone when things go south.  After a few minutes to think by herself, she will usually calm down enough to recover.  

-She is girly and not girly all rolled into one.  She loves to straighten her hair, wear dresses and bows, and load up with lipgloss and jewelry.  But after she does all of that, she wants to go outside and climb trees and hunt for bugs.  She is a walking contradiction!  I absolutely love it and hope that she always hangs on to being true to herself.  She doesn't have to fit the mold of "girly girl" or "tom girl".  She just needs to be who she wants to be.   

-She loves animals.  With her whole heart.  She loves any kind of animal and often tells us what kind of animal she wants us to get (yeah right).  With two dogs, one cat, and two fish, that's unlikely to happen.  But a girl can dream!  She is great with the animals and loves to take care of them.

-LL is also very interested when people get hurt or sick.  She wants to talk about it, look at it, fix it, etc.  And then she wants to talk about it more.  This, combined with her love of animals, makes me think that she really would make a good veterinarian (her job of choice).

-She is a strong-willed follower.  That seems like an odd combination, but it's her.  She is very set in her ways, and (as I already said) very stubborn, but she also does not have a leader personality.  She likes to hang back, watch what other kids are doing, and then follow along with the group that she feels like she fits in with best.  She is also very conscious of what other people think about her.  She doesn't want people to laugh at her.  She doesn't do anything that she thinks will draw too much attention to her if she's in an unfamiliar situation.  On the other end, if she's surrounded by people that she knows very well and is very comfortable, then she wants to be the center of attention.

-She has the memory of an elephant.  She can tell us things about when she was 3 years old that we have no idea how she remembers.  She said something just last night about about something that happened a year ago.  No one had mentioned it or anything concerning it.  She just said, "Hey!  Do you remember...?".  It blows us away.  She also takes in everything around her.  And she can often be a little on the nosey side (just like her Mommy and Daddy).  She will listen to everything Matt and I say around her - even if we're talking to each other.  It has made us very mindful to watch what we talk about!

-She is very "into" eating healthy.  She asks us all the time if what she is eating is healthy or not.  And tells us that she needs to be eating healthy.  I don't know why she has gotten on this kick or why it's something she thinks about, but she talks about it often.  Matt and I try to feed our kids way more healthy stuff that junk, but it's for sure not something we obsess over.  

-She loves school.  After having a very rough summer before kindergarten (all due to anxiety), she is now thriving at school.  She loves her teacher.  She loves her friends.  She loves her school.  She is just so happy about it all.  She is also doing fantastic academically.  She is right on track, and her teacher said that she's starting to give her some upper-level things to work on.  

-Her confidence has grown tremendously.  Since starting school, she is much more confident in herself.  For the girl that I had to shove (crying) on the school bus every morning, she's sure rocking it out now.  She refuses to let me walk her to the bus every morning (she wants to run by herself), and she doesn't want me to pick her up in the afternoon (she wants to go from the bus to my classroom by herself).  I can't tell you what it does to my Mommy heart to see her running full speed to down the hallway every afternoon, dodging between all the 11 and 12 year olds like its no big deal.  

-She loves to be outside.  She wants to play outside more than anything else.  This is not my favorite thing to do, so she often spends a lot of time outside with Daddy (who also loves to be outside).  I have a feeling that I'm just going have to get over it, because between her and Cooper, I'm sure they're going to demand that we spend all summer outside!

-She is a hoarder.  And I'm not kidding.  Or exaggerating.  She.  Keeps.  Everything.  I love the days that she goes somewhere else for a few hours and I can sneak in there and just throw bags and bags aways.  And she never even notices.  Lord help us.

This girl is amazing and a blessing to our lives!  She made us parents and taught us love in a way that we never could have known otherwise.  


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