Monday, February 16, 2015

January Randoms

Here is a collection of some random things from January that didn't fit into a post by themselves.

All dressed up and ready for church!  LL had just gotten her cute bear boot warmers for Christmas.

Random cookie baking taste-testing at Grammy's.

LL was teaching Cooper how to play hide-n-seek (sort of).

We couldn't find the cat one night (she's a half inside half outside cat), but I finally found her when I headed to bed and went into the closet to change.  She was cuddled up on my suitcase.


Have you seen the color packs from the dollar store?  They come with several activities (coloring, stickers, etc).  They're a cheap, random surprise for my kids.

She spent so long in here coloring the inside of the box.

Bundled up for a quick trip outside with Pop.

What do you do at Friday recess when it's super cold and you're miserable?  Photo shoot with your bff - duh.


The sad remains of one of our Disney balloons.

His new favorite pajamas.

Do your kids ever get big enough to where you don't want to watch them sleep??  I sure hope not.

Tree-climbing at Gigi's.

Napping at Gigi's.

Napping at Oma and Opa's.  This was the day that he got diagnosed with Strep.  :(

Bedhead.  And donuts.  And Mater.

Bubble hat.

Cooper has randomly been waking up soooo early lately.  This day, he was up for the day 4:50 (I know) and this is what happened on the drive to Grammy and Pop's (to no one's surprise).

I know they're too small, but they're his favorite pajamas!  We're going to be wearing them until they're physically impossible to get on his body.

LL drew me some pictures on my white board at school.  :)

Lunch!  Spinach, mushroom, and cheese omelet with avocado.

LL and I stopped by the store to buy her some fake glasses so that she could dress up like a 100 year-old Granny for the 100th day of school.

I found LL and Lovie sleeping like this one night:

100th Day of School!

The cutest grannies I know.  ;)

A big no-no.  But cute.  Sitting on the table eating chex and watching Bozen (Frozen).

Lovie showed up like this one morning (minus the shaved hair), so she got an emergency Saturday visit to the vet.

The same day that I snapped some pictures of Cooper at 2.5, we also spent a little time fishing.

KKs held her first fish!

And so did Cooper!

That's a wrap for January!


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