Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Disney Day #2

After getting a good night's sleep, we were ready to go for our first day at the Magic Kingdom!  We wanted to make sure to leave in plenty of time to make it there for the opening show.  We also decided to drive instead of taking the bus from the resort.  Our parking was free (since we were staying on property) and we knew that the kids (especially Cooper) would love the monorail.  I'm glad we left when we did because we had a super hard time making it to the parking lot for the monorail.  Disney was having a race that weekend, so lots of roads and entrances were closed.  Thankfully we still had plenty of time to make it there early.

Ready for the monorail!

Cooper loved it!

Pictures outside the park!

The Parker's were at the park this weekend too, so we watched the opening show with them.  But once the doors opened, we were gone - haha.

The very first thing we wanted to do was meet Mickey.  How do you explain to a 2 year old what Disney is?  You tell them that it's Mickey Mouse's House!  And if you're going to tell them that - you had better produce Mickey Mouse - haha.  On LL's first trip, she was not interested in meeting the characters.  Cooper loved it.

Mickey saw her birthday button and sang and danced with her for her birthday!  So special!

After Mickey, we hopped on over for Tinkerbelle because the line was super short.  As in - no line.

Best.  Picture.  Ever.

After pictures with Mickey, we headed down Main Street.  Finally a castle picture!

First up was the carousel.  It's always been LL's favorite - and we love it because there is never a line.

Then we went to Small World.  LL has always loved it, and its a great first ride for Disney World.  Cooper was so funny to watch.  Prior to this trip, he had no idea that anything like this existed.  So it was so neat to literally watch the bubble that is his world just expand.  And that's what happened on this ride.  You could just see his whole world opening up.  It was amazing!  And he was in love!

I love this!

We made sure to do Philharmagic this trip.  It is (randomly) one of Matt's favorite things at Disney.  LL loved it her first trip, but we didn't do it last time.  This time?  Both kids hated it - haha. 

We did story time with Belle - LL refused to participate just like last time.  And Cooper was pretty un-interested - haha.  But they both wanted to take a picture at the end.  

After we left Belle, it started to rain.  Thankfully, I had packed rain jackets for all of us, so we just put those on and covered the stroller and we were good to go.  We headed to do some more "inside" rides while we waited for the rain to clear.  One thing I love about the pooh ride (I don't actually really like the ride itself??) is that it has so much to keep the kids entertained!

All I can ever think about at this honey wall is all of the germs that must be covering it - haha.

The rain did not stay around for very long, so we were able to just continue our day.  We took a snack break next to the magic carpets - Dole whips and Fanta floats!

I love this man and the family that we've created together!  I would not want to live this life with anyone else.

This is what this whole trip was about.  Making memories together and growing closer as a family.  And it worked.  We all (seriously) had the best time together.  This is proof.

Don't let that serious face fool you - Cooper loved the magic carpets!

After the carpets, we hopped on over to the Jungle Cruise.  Random, but this is actually one of my favorite rides.  There actually was about a 25 minute wait - one of our longest waits of the trip.  But it was worth it!

Can you tell that Cooper is fading fast?

Aaaaand he's out.  Poor boy.  It was nap time and he just couldn't do it.  He fell asleep in line and literally slept through the entire jungle cruise.  He ended up getting a solid 30 minutes of sleep, which is exactly what he needed to keep going.  And Matt and I did not mind the snuggles at all!

With a 2 year old that weighs 36 lbs,  you have to take turns holding him!

I was thankful when we got on the boat and I was able to sit and hold him at the same time.

After the jungle cruise, Cooper woke up and we headed over to Frontier Land.  We got there just in time to have a snack break and watch a parade.  Coop's favorite thing to do was to dump his snack all over his lap and then eat it from there.  

LL's favorite part of the parade.

Cooper literally waved at everyone.

I loved this dragon!  He was so cool!

We had a fast pass for the Haunted Mansion.  It's my favorite ride, and I showed LL lots of videos on youtube, and she said she wanted to do it.  This was her "ghost face" before we went in.  Well.  Let me just tell you.  Parenting fail.  Even though she said she wanted to, she freaked when we got in there - haha.  She sat with my hands over her eyes the entire time.  And Cooper hated it, too.  But oh well.  We all survived.  We'll try again when she's in highschool - haha.

I absolutely love the Rapunzel area of the park.  It is so true to the movie and so beautiful.

Next we headed over to Tomorrowland.  I really enjoy Tomorrowland, too.  The kids were excited to meet Buzz.

Of course we rode Buzz.  And these next two pictures seriously crack me up.  Like, when I saw them when we got home, I busted out laughing.  Really.  They're just so funny and they truly show the difference between the boys and girls in our family.

Exhibit A: (Disclaimer: Matt did know that the camera was taking a picture - so it wasn't candid for him.  But it was for everyone else.)  Matt shooting guns for both him and Cooper (and being a crazy goofball), and Cooper's sweet little head just poking up and looking around at everything.  Cracked me up.

Exhibit B: (Disclaimer: I did not know where the camera was)  Neither one of us is touching the guns.  I have no clue what I'm doing.  LL isn't even looking the right direction.  Cracked me up.

After Buzz, we decided to take a little rest and ride the People Mover.  Our visit last year was the first time I had been on this ride, but I actually really like it!  It's a nice break from walking and gives everyone a chance to have a little rest.

As we were leaving TomorrowLand, we ran into another parade.  I think it was called the Move It, Shake It, Celebrate It parade?  I don't know.  It's the one that's basically a dance party in the street.  LL was tired (even though she doesn't nap anymore - she still gets a little grumpy from 1-3) so she just rested in the stroller, but Cooper was ready to bust a move!  

He played this game the whole trip - he kept tucking his hands in his sleeves and then saying "where hands go?" and then he'd pop them out.  It was so cute.

LL taking a rest.

Busting a move!

We ate dinner, and then got some souvenirs.  We saw the Parkers a few times around the park, and they let us know that Elsa was going to be "freezing" the castle at 6:30.  Since it's winter, it still gets dark so early.  So we got some balloons, and then headed to watch Elsa.

Waiting for Elsa!

After she froze it - it was so so pretty!  Even Cooper kept saying how pretty it was.  

Originally we had planned on staying until the closing fireworks at 9:00.  But after Elsa froze the castle (and they did have minimal fireworks), the kids were just so exhausted.  We decided that it would be best for everyone to just go ahead and go back for an early night since we  had another park day the next day.  No joke - both kids were asleep in the car before we even got out of the parking lot.  They were absolutely exhausted.  It really let us know that we did the right thing by going ahead and leaving.  It's hysterical to me that they are both sleeping the exact same way.  

When we got back to the hotel, we loaded them back up in the stroller to take them back to the room.  Cooper literally never woke up the entire time.  We moved him from the car to the stroller.  Stayed asleep.  We walked to the room.  Stayed asleep.  We got him out of the stroller to change him.  Stayed asleep.  We changed his diaper and put his pj's on.  Stayed asleep.  That is what you call "Disney exhausted"!

We all slept so good!  Which was great because we had another full day at the park planned!


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