Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Daily Robyn: January

Last year, I followed several people in instagram and through blogs that did a daily picture for the entire year.  I really loved the idea and decided that I wanted to tackle the same challenge for 2015.  I post these daily on Instagram (you can follow me HERE), but I'll also be posting them once month here on the ol' blog.  Here is my #dailyRobyn for January!

Day 1: I've had this Christmas cactus for our entire marriage.  Fun fact about me: I don't just have a black thumb, I have a black-hole thumb.  I do not keep plants alive.  Another fun fact: my mom comes to my house often with the simple goal of watering my plants.  That being said, this Christmas cactus and I have been through almost 11 years together, and yet it is still alive.  There have been months where it has not been watered (I realize that it's a cactus, but that's still a loooong time).  Within the past few years, it has started to love me even more and has started producing blooms near Christmas.  This year, it produced two!  I've said it to my family several times - if this plant ever dies, watch me closely!  I'm probably not far behind - haha.

Day 2: I made the kids' shirts for our Disney trip!  I had fun and I think I did a great job!

Day 3: Date night!  We had dinner out at Red Lobster and then went to see MockingJay (finally!)

Day 4: In preparation for Disney, we started Cooper on several movies he hadn't seen (basically anything besides Cars).  This was him watching Nemo.

Day 5: First day back after Christmas break.  LL was much happier about it than I was.

Day 6: I love this silly boy!

Day 7: Coloring time before dinner.

Day 8: Getting packed for Disney!

Day 9: Cold day at recess = buuuuurito for me.

Day 10: Hands down one of my favorite Disney moment.  Cooper was absolutely precious when he got to meet Lightning at the resort.

Day 11: When this happens within 5 minutes of leaving the Magic Kingdom, you know it was a successful day.

Day 12: Ready for day 2 at the Magic Kingdom!

Day 13: I was so sad to see our trip end.  It truly was my favorite vacation ever.

Day 14: Back from Disney = back to reality.  LL and I had a lot of homework to catch up on.

Day 15: A throw-back Thursday to one of my favorite pictures of LL.  We still having a big canvas of this hanging in our living room.

Day 16: Double-date with the Macs!

Day 17: Birthday party fun with friends.

Day 18: My mom surprised me with my favorite winter treat: A chocolate orange!

Day 19: Girl's night dinner with two of my favorite people.

Day 20: Gino sent me this amazing picture of my nephew.  This kid is the coolest ever.  I am so happy to be his Aunt.

Day 21: Strep throat for this one.  No one was happy.

Day 22: Yes.  

Day 23: I don't hate filling The Beast up for under $40!

Day 24: This kid makes the best faces!

Day 25: We were home from church due to Cooper's strep throat, so I got my craft on!

Day 26: Lunch Prep!  Mushroom, spinach, and cheese omelet.

Day 27: Sometime this girl has so much cuteness that she doesn't even know what to do with it.

Day 28: My 100 year old granny for the 100th day of school!

Day 29: A throw-back Thursday to my little baby squishy Coop!

Day 30: I spent this Friday home sick on the couch all day.

Day 31: Girl's day!  Lunch and shopping for a dress for the Father/Daughter dance.


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