Monday, February 9, 2015

Cooper at 2.5

Cooper turned 2.5 on Christmas Day.  At the end of January, LL was spending the day with the grandparents and going to the movies, so I took Cooper out to snap some pictures of my handsome boy.  Here's a look at what Cooper is up to at 2.5 years old:

-Cooper is very silly.  He loves to laugh and to make other people.  He has a personality just like his Daddy.  He is often making silly faces, dancing silly, or doing anything to make us laugh!

-He is not a super picky eater, but he for sure is not a fantastic eater.  He has definite things that he likes.  He is also way more into sugary stuff than LL has ever been.  He would eat sweets all day long if you let him.  He is never one to turn down a donut or cupcake!

-His speech is going great.  He knows so many words and is able to communicate with us without effort anymore.  He still isn't caught up to his peers yet, but the gap is rapidly closing.

-Cooper is sweet.  He gives hugs and kisses willingly.  When he hugs, he squeezes as hard as he can and hugs with all of his might.  It is the sweetest thing ever.  While he hugs and kisses a lot, he is not much of snuggler - mainly  because he doesn't want to hold still long enough!

-His interests are very singular: anything vehicular and anything outside.  If you can meet one of those requirements, he will be as happy as possible.  If you can meet both, then he loses his mind.  We have more trucks, tractors, cars, and trains in our house than I ever imagined possible.  We have all sizes, colors, and shapes.  And I can only see us getting more.  

-He loves to be around big kids.  He will keep up with them, and loves to copy anything they do.  You can watch him soak it all in - analyzing anything they do.

-He is all boy.  I know people say that all the time - but it is so true with Cooper.  He gets into everything.  He breaks so much (but not on purpose).  He gets injured.  But that is just because he is all boy all the time!  It wears me out, but I also love it so much.

-His world is starting to grow, and that includes adding in fears.  He gets nervous in the dark, and will often tell us that he is scared of things.  This also means that we've seen a change in his sleeping habits.  He now sleeps with his door open and the hall light on.

-He loves (silly) monsters.  We got him a monster plate at Target, and I had to go back and buy 3 more because he loved them so much.  He also has some monster pajamas that he loves, and I recently bought him a monster shirt. 

-Not shockingly, he also loves anything to do with Lightening McQueen and Mater.  He loves the movie, we have all of the cars, he has pajamas.  Hands down, it is his favorite.  thing.  ever.

-Probably a lot more surprisingly, he has a very recent love of Frozen.  He loves watching the movie and will actually sing parts of "Let It Go" (the first song he's ever sung!).  I guess we shouldn't be too surprised at this when he has an older sister who is Frozen obsessed.  More appropriately, his favorite character is Olaf.  ;)

-Probably what stands out the most about Cooper is how he is just so sweet.  He is fun, happy, all boy, and sweet.  Everyone who meets him just falls in love with his happy, silly, laid-back personality.  Every time family spends more time with him, they always call me and tell me how sweet he is.  And he really really is.

Cooper is just a light in our lives.  He is exactly what our family needed, and I have no doubt in my mind that he was very thoughtfully made by God just for us.  He is my heart and my world!


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