Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Winter Pictures: Family

We tried over two days to get pictures for our Christmas card.  We did some shots inside.  Some shots outside.  Some worked and some didn't - haha.  These randomly were put in blogger way out of order, so they kind of jump back and forth between the inside and outside shots.  Thankfully we did get some very good shots!

I always appreciate a good picture of just me and Matt.  They're hard to get with two crazy kids running around!

This is the family picture we ended up using on the card!


This one also ended up going on our card.

Trying to get all three kids to slide at the same time.  :)

Up next: Outtakes!  We thought it would be fun to include some outtakes on our Christmas card this year - and we had plenty to choose from.  ;)

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