Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Winter Pictures: Cooper

I'll be honest, Cooper was the big reason that our pictures didn't go so hot.  LL is at an age where she will cooperate pretty easily for pictures.  Cooper decided over Thanksgiving week in Atlanta that "scared" was his new favorite word.  We probably heard that word 100 times every day.  He especially said it any time that Uncle Gino pulled out his camera.  That made it extremely hard to get any good pictures.  I'll give Gino this - he tried very hard to get some good pictures of Cooper.  Most of them are "sneak shots" where Cooper isn't actually looking at the camera and doesn't even know they're happening - haha.  Let's hope he gets over this before family pictures this summer!

Here are some of the best ones we got:

This was one of my favorites.


Up next: family pictures!


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