Thursday, January 29, 2015

December Randoms

Here are some random things from December that didn't fit into a post by themselves:

Waiting in the car at school for the bus to get there.

My boys!  I love getting pictures from Matt in the morning after I've gone to school.

This girl got dressed in the Christmas spirit to take a field trip with her class to the Christmas Tree Farm.

Will they ever get too big for me to love watching them sleep?

It was "bring your bear to school" day!

Cooper refused to nap at Grammy's one day - so this is what happened on the way home.

Daddy had to take Cooper to the doctor - where he was diagnosed with croup.

Cooper is obsessed with the tractor at Gigi's house!

Napping at Gigi's.  :)

Mis-matched and ready to go outside at Grammy's!

He rocked out his inner superhero one day!

We had tacky sweater day at school.

About once a month, Matt takes Cooper on a "breakfast date" just the two of them.  Cooper chowed down on some cinnamon raisin biscuits at Hardees!

First day of Christmas break!

Loving my new kicks from Christmas!

Ready for church!

It's was a rainy, cold day, so we had a lunch picnic in the living room.

Ben came to town for a week right before New Years!

We had a play date with the Parkers, and I loved getting to snuggle this sweet girl!

Cooper's feet grow so fast - so he had to get some new shoes, too.

Daddy went duck hunting, and the kids were fascinated.

That's a wrap for December!


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