Friday, January 23, 2015

Christmas Cookies at Grammy's

LL and I got out of school for Christmas break on Wednesday, December 17.  I was out of town over the 20-21 for the Justin Timberlake concert with Emily.  The next Monday (the 22nd), we went to Grammy's house to bake Christmas cookies.  We packed up early in the morning and planned on spending the entire day over there baking and eating and being lazy.  LL has made cookies with Grammy plenty of times, but Cooper is newer to this scene.  He was excited to get started!  He was a pro at sneaking dough in no time.  ;)

He was a little apprehensive of having his hands yucky at first, but he got over it pretty quickly!

This girl knew exactly what she was doing!

Their favorite part? Sprinkles of course!

I ended up having to go lay down and take a rest - I wasn't feeling my best.  I think I had a small bug that bothered me for a few days this week.  So I didn't get any pictures of the other types of cookies or after taking these out of the oven (because I was asleep!).  But we did end up having a super fun day, and I know that we all ate our weight in cookies.


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