Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Thanksgiving Break 2014

After our shopping spree weekend in Atlanta, we came back home for a few days before turning right back around and taking the kids to Atlanta for Thanksgiving.  Thanksgiving is one holiday that is different for us every year.  Last year, we spent it with Oma and Opa and then headed to the beach for the weekend.  Typically, we just try and alternate between all of the grandparents and stay in town.  This year, my sister ended up not having plans for Thanksgiving, so we made the decision to go up there and spend it with them!  We haven't been able to spend Thanksgiving with them since they came down in 2010.  Its fair to say that it was time for us to have a Thanksgiving together again!

We left on Wednesday right around 11:30.  This gave Cooper time to eat lunch in the car and then go out for a nap!  He did great!  He didn't have a long nap, but he slept for about an hour.  Which is better than nothing!

We spent the afternoon/evening just letting the kids play and letting Cooper get used to a different house.  We haven't been up to Atlanta as a family since right after New Year's two years ago - when Cooper was only 6 months old!

Both kids went down for bed without any issues - and we got to hang out with Laura and Gino.

Thanksgiving morning, Matt and Gino left to go pick up the turkey (Gino wouldn't let me cook the turkey!  It's my favorite part!).  I started cooking while Laura did crafts with the kids.  She was the craft director for the day - and she did an AMAZING job!  The kids had a blast!  First up - feather hats!

Ha!  This is his Mommy's face if I've ever seen it.  ;)

This was the best picture from the trip!  All three turkeys in their feather hats!

After hats, we took a (very!) brief walk to collect some colorful leaves for another craft.  It ended up being extremely cold in Atlanta Thanksgiving week, so we bundled up super warm and only stayed out for a few minutes.  

The two big kids had so much fun with each other this trip.  They stayed side by side pretty much the entire time.

We came back inside to warm up, and everyone got started on another craft: hand turkeys!

Here's a look at some of their art work on display.

Laura and I even did our own craft - turkeys!

Our Thanksgiving spread!

The kids got their own table, of course.

The adult table!

 After the kids went to bed, Gino went to check in on the older kids and this is what he found.  So sweet!  I hope they are best friends for life!

Friday we spent most of the day trying to get family pictures done (post to come.  Spoiler alert - it was mostly a fail - haha.) and that evening we decided to get the big kids out of the house for a little while and go to a movie.  We went to see Big Hero 6.  It was Ben's 3rd time seeing it and LL's 1st - haha.  It was a cute movie!

We headed back home on Saturday so that we could get back to normal before heading back to school.  It was a fun trip and I'm glad we all got to spend it together!

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