Monday, December 15, 2014

LL's Kindergarten Thanksgiving

The Friday before Thanksgiving break, LL had her Thanksgiving party at school.  I actually had a field trip that day (during the exact time of her party), so I wasn't able to go.  Luckily, Daddy was able to clear his schedule and he got to be there for her party!  She was super excited that morning, and I had so much fun getting her dressed up cute.  

Dressed and ready for school!

Her party wasn't a big to-do, but they had made some cute crafts and had some snacks for everyone.  

After the party, Daddy checked her out and they went to pick up lunch for me.  They got to school about 30 minutes before I did, but they hung out in Mrs. Kayla's room until I got there.  LL stayed the rest of the day with me and watched a movie (6th grade watched The Lorax) and then played outside with my kids.  I'm so glad that Daddy was able to go and be with her for her party!  


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mackyton said...

Such a lovely girl. I can see from her photographs that she is super excited. She seems enjoying snacks and party. I am happy that her daddy was with her in party. You know my son is also invited in a birthday party at venue New York, and I am going with him.