Tuesday, December 2, 2014

LL's Dentist Appointment

LL is finally in the routine of going to the dentist, and it really isn't an issue to visit any more.  With one exception.  The X-rays.  She's only had them done once, but it was awful.  It took several of us to hold her in position to get them done.  Last time she went in May, she didn't have an X-ray visit.  I knew that that meant that she would need them this time.  I prepared her for it - we talked about how it was just pictures.  How nothing hurt.  How it would be quick.  Before we went, she said she would be able to handle it.  

Her appointment was in the morning, so we had a good bit of time to get ready instead of our normal rush.  It was so nice not to have to get her ready and out of the door by 6:25!  We even had time to straighten her hair - something that she loves but we rarely have time to do.

The cleaning part was first and was a breeze.  She had no issues at all!  She's been talking about having wiggly teeth, but nothing really seemed to be moving to me.  She talked to the hygienist about it, and she looked at it and said that both of her front, bottom teeth actually were in the beginning stages of getting loose!  She also told me that she could see the adult teeth coming in behind the baby teeth.  What?!  I was really thrown off, but she said it was fine and that they see it a good bit.  She said most of the time, it all works itself out as soon as the baby teeth fall out.  I googled it when I got home (duh) and it's called shark teeth.  And it actually is pretty common!

After the cleaning, it was X-ray time!  She did so good!  She was a little nervous (more about the camera that the bite wings), but she got over it and did perfect!  They even let me push the X-ray button, so I was very excited about it.

Her appointment was on a Monday, and Friday afternoon she came to my classroom saying that she had a wiggly tooth!  I looked in there - and what do you know!  The adult tooth had already popped through!!  It's been about 2 weeks, and the adult tooth is more in, but her baby teeth are still barely wiggly.  This is going to make for an interesting look, that's for sure!  We just keep wiggling as hard as we can in hopes that they baby teeth will come out soon.  Her second adult tooth is about to pop through on the other side any day.

Sadly, about a week and a half after our visit, LL's dentist, Dr. Josh, had a seizure and passed away.  I was truly so upset when we heard.  We didn't know him personally, but he was always so kind and seemed so good with kids every time we went in.  When I told LL, she was very upset and even cried a little bit.  I found out later (through Facebook), that Dr. Josh was a Christian and had only been baptized about 2 weeks before his death.  How amazing is that??  It was a comfort to LL to know that she would be able to see Dr. Josh in Heaven again one day!


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