Tuesday, November 25, 2014

October Randoms

Here is a random assortment of things we had going on in October that didn't quite qualify for their own post:

Grammy and Pop take Cooper on a walk/ride around the block on the days that the weather allows.  Cooper loves his tricycle and is great at using it!

Gigi came over to watch the kids of us one night, and sent me this hilarious picture of Coop.

Early morning school pic!

Cooper planned our next vacation over breakfast one morning.  ;)

I wore this to school one day hoping that it would seep into my brain - haha.

Morning car picture while waiting on the bus at school.

I had so much fun dressing LL in October!

Coop has a blast being an only child at Grammy's every day!

Coop took a huge fall on the couch this month and got a pretty bad busted lip.

Morning at the park with Grammy and Pop!

This child has "relaxing" down to an art form.  :)

Gigi and Poppy went out of town and asked us to pick Olive up from the vet for them.  Everyone was excited, and Matt sent this picture to Gigi.

Gigi and Poppy got the kids these awesome glasses for Halloween, and we all had a blast playing with them!

The kids and I had a "girls day" with Gigi over Fall Break.  We went to Lake Park and to lunch - it was a fun day!

Lunch at Mellow Mushroom!

We also attempted to take Coop and LL to Toys R Us to make their wish list for Christmas (before lunch at Mellow Mushroom), but it ended up being one huge disaster.  Imagine screaming, crying toddler who refused to stay in the cart and wanted to grab everything off of the shelf.  Yep.  That was us.  But I did happen to get this cute pictures file we were there!

Coop and I spent a rainy morning of Fall Break playing with cars and trucks!  He was so proud of himself for lining them all up on the windowsill.

I thought it was cute that he put this ball into the bed of this truck.

He even cleaned up all of his toys all by himself!

We also did some potty training action.  Not much happened, but he was happy to sit and watch!

Lovie is still around and is a great snuggler.

Cooper spent a day with Gigi and Poppy and had fun riding his car around and going for a walk.

Fun Friday nights with KKs!

His sleeping positions crack me up!

Aunt Laura and Ben came down for Opa's Oktoberfest birthday celebration!

These cuties all dressed up for church!

After bath snuggles with my main man!

Some days after school, I feel this same way.

Another Sunday for church, our (accidental) theme seemed to be colorful stripes!

LL stayed in big church with us and did a great job!

I'm telling you, kid knows how to chill.  ;)

Daddy went to LL's school one morning for "Donuts with Dad".

Oma and Opa also went to school one day to have lunch with LL!

It was a great month during my favorite time of year!


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