Friday, November 21, 2014

Halloween Week/Red Ribbon Week

The week leading up to Halloween our school did its Red Ribbon Week.  This is always a fun week because everyone gets to dress up.  This year, we had just had our Homecoming Week, so we were almost on dress-up overload.  That didn't stop us from having fun, though.  

Monday: Sports Day

Tuesday: Twin Day 
Of course I had to be twins with my bff.  And the sad part is, we did not have to go out and buy new shirts for this day.  We already owned the same shirt.  I know.  We're awesome.

Wednesday: Decade Day
We loved rocking out the 80's!

Thursday: Super Hero Day
We were Super Teachers, of course!

Friday was my favorite day.  Technically, it was "favorite character" day.  Since it was Halloween, it turned into "whatever you want" day.  Our hallway of teachers got together and decided to do a hallway theme.  We decided on cops and robbers.  We have two male teachers on our team, so they were the cops and all of the girls dressed up as the robbers.  We actually had a really fun day running around and stealing things from the cops (and the kids). 

All dressed and ready! 

Cutest robbers ever!

Our whole hallway.

Friends who steal together stay together.  ;)

It was such a fun week!  Having a whole hallway get into it makes it so much more fun for everybody.


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