Friday, June 6, 2014

My 30th SURPRISE Party!!

When Matt and I talked about my birthday weekend prior to it actually happening, we talked about how I wanted to have one night of the weekend at home with the kids, and I wanted to go to Olive Garden on a date for Saturday night.  Matt already had it planned out and ready to go.  

Our anniversary is at the end of May, and this year we celebrated 10 years of marriage!  We've had a trip to Jamaica planned for a while, so at the beginning of May (my birthday) we were doing a lot of prep to get ready for the trip.  Since we were getting out of the house kid free for our Olive Garden date, I told Matt I wanted to leave a little earlier so that we could do some shopping for our trip.  

Matt's parents came over to watch the kids, and we left our house around 4:00.  We headed to town and got a lot of our errands done.  On the way to Olive Garden (literally less than 5 miles away), we got a call from my mom.  She asked me if we could go to her house (she lives in the middle of town) and go let her dog go to the bathroom.  She had been at a family member's house all day, and the dog hadn't had a chance to go to the bathroom in a while.  Normally, I wouldn't mind at all, but we were so close to the restaurant (and I am known to get hangry!), so I asked her if we could just go by after we ate.  I even lied to her and told her we were pulling into the restaurant - haha.  She was pretty persistent (and whiny - haha), so Matt chimed in and said that we would just go real quick.  Ya'll.  I was so mad.  I literally was so upset that he would turn around to drive there when we were so close to the restaurant - especially since we were going for my birthday!  (I'm telling you - hangry!)  I started whining to him and telling him how now we were going to have to wait even longer because that would put us back at the restaurant at prime dinner time.  And then I would be even more hungry.  And it was my birthday, and why couldn't she wait?  Blah blah blah.  Basically, I was a child - haha.  After I finished fussing, then I refused to talk to him at all and just stared out the window.

When we pulled in, the garage was up, which was a little odd to me since I knew they had been gone all day.  Both of their cars were there, too.  But my step-dad had family in town, so I just figured they rode with them.  I had already decided in my non-talking state that I was going to refuse to go in and that Matt could handle taking the dog out since he volunteered to turn around and go there.  Well.  When we pulled up next to the garage, I could see some lights in the pool umbrellas.  That is nooot normal for my mom's house.  I looked at Matt and said, "What's going on??" and he got his "I'm up to something" look on his face and said he had no idea.  

I walked into the backyard, and it was literally one of the most amazing moments of my life.  So many of our friends and family were there (hiding around the corner) and shouted surprise.  I immediately busted out crying - haha.  You don't understand - I am impossible to surprise.  I always figure out everything, even when I don't want to.  Even our engagement wasn't a surprise.  I woke up that day and just *knew* that he was going to propose, and he did. So for all of these people to actually pull this off and genuinely surprise me was amazing.  I.  Had.  NO.  Idea.  And it was wonderful.

Matt, my sister, Meghan, and Kayla were the masterminds behind the whole thing.  They had a secret Facebook group set up, and even sent out these e-vites to everyone:

They had such a beautiful set up.  My sister had come down and worked so hard with friends and family to make this amazing.  They thought of *everything*.  They had my favorite cake, my favorite music playing, and so many of my favorite people there to celebrate!    

Gino made this awesome poster that was set up on the food table (and is now awkwardly in our living room - haha.  But every time I look at it it just reminds me of an amazing night!)

My favorite kind of cake - from Publix.

It really was the best time of just talking and eating with so many friends!  The food was amazing, I was still in so much shock from everyone pulling it off, and it was a beautiful evening.

Everyone lit huge sparklers and sang Happy Birthday.

Mallory, Meghan, Me, and Kayla

Everyone who was there (minus Gino who took the picture)

I love this man!!  And I am so so so impressed that he got all of this together and pulled it off without me finding anything out!

Emily and Me

Meghan and Kevin

Me and Casey

Me and Mallory

My amazing (and funny) sister.

Meghan, Me, and Mallory.  We all met in kindergarten and are still friends now.  That means that we have all been friends for 25 years!

Me, Jodi, and Chandler

Me, Meghan and Kevin

Me and Kayla.  I was also super impressed with this girl!  She had to keep this a secret AND spend 8 hours a day with me!  That is no small feat!

Me, Kayla, and Andrew

I mean - I had to.  This is classic me and Kayla.

Me and Laura.  I love this woman!  She is an amazing sister!  She had to do most of the work to pull this off, and I can't ever tell her how much it meant to me.  

Gino, Me, and Laura

Me and Heather

Of course the boys had to be boys for a little while.  

A perfect night!

It was seriously one of the best nights of my life.  Thank you to everyone who came, and who helped to pull this off.  I felt so loved, so special, and SO SURPRISED!  It will be a night that I remember for the rest of my life!  Thank you!


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