Tuesday, June 3, 2014

My 30th Birthday!

Well, this was the big year for me.  The big 3-0.  Dirty thirty.  I mean, this is really no joke!  30 is a for real adult.  No more playing around.  I wasn't completely dreading my birthday, but I was a little sad to see my twenties go.  I had an amazing 20's.  I got married, graduated college, bought my first house, had my babies. It was an amazing time.  Luckily, I have some amazing friends and family who made my birthday absolutely perfect for me.  Matt and I don't usually go all out for birthdays, but this year everyone did!  

As soon as I got to school, my door was decorated for me thanks to Kayla.  She also had a birthday crown and pin for me to wear.  Super sweet!

I am so blessed that God brought this sweet girl into my life.  It's hard to believe that we haven't even known each other a year because we have just become so close!  Of course, we were twins on my birthday.  As the school year went on, we did this accidentally more and more!

I also got a ton of fb love.  I know it sounds cheesy, but that really made my day, too!  Especially getting some specific shout outs from my two best friends.  It just melted my heart and made me realize how truly blessed I am with amazing friends!  It made me so happy!

Also while I was at school, I got a sweet flower delivery from my sweet Mama!  I don't even know if she's ever sent me flowers before (as an adult), and this was just so unexpected and sweet!  Plus, she remember that tulips (and daisies) are my favorite flowers and she sent those to me.

When I got home, I had another sweet flower arrangement from Matt, and he cooked a great dinner for me.  He had also come home early and cleaned the house and put out birthday decorations.  It was so amazing!  Somehow I missed out on pictures with Matt and LL, but I did snap a silly one with Coop-man.

It was truly an amazing day, and a great way to kick off my 30's, but little did I know what everyone had in store for me the next day...


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benilhalk said...

I had a wonderful time watching these photos. I am so pleased that you had such blasting moments with your loved ones. For my mom’s 56th birthday bash, I have been planning to book her favorite vintage event space for a DIY family dinner. Hoping to find some nice ideas for her bash.