Saturday, June 14, 2014

Mother's Day Tea Party

Right near the end of my school year, LL's preschool hosted a Mother's Day tea party for all of the moms.  It was at 11:00, so I was able to just run down to her school really quickly at the end of my planning.  

They had sandwiches, cookies, tea, and a sweet little book for us that the kids had written all about their mom's.

Me and my best girl! (with a mouth full of cookie - haha)

The whole thing was pretty short.  We ate for a few minutes, read our books, and then the kids sang some songs for us.  I only ended up getting one song on video (and you can see LL get a little shy), but it's still cute!

After the tea party, I took LL back to school with me.  Since it was at the end of the year, things were pretty low key.  I had cleared it with my principal, and he was totally fine with it.  She hung out in my classroom, helped me teach a Social Studies class, and then we went outside for recess.  

Some of my sweet girls were so nice to her and played with her while we were outside.  LL had a blast with them!

While we waited for all of the kids to get on the bus, LL had fun drawing on the board.

It was a fun day with my girl!  And it was neat to think about her being at my school every afternoon next year.


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