Thursday, June 26, 2014

Girl's Day

My last day of school this year was also LL's last day of school.  This was also the week of our 10 year anniversary.  To celebrate, we were leaving for the next week to go to Jamaica.  Since school was out for LL, and I was prepping for our trip, I decided that LL and I needed a girl's day!  We went with Oma and got mani/pedi's to celebrate summer!  When LL got her first manicure a few months ago, she just got her fingers painted.  This time, we did the whole shebang.  She even sat in the chair for her pedicure!

LL's manicure

LL's pedicure.  Polka dots on one foot...

…And stripes on the other!

My manicure.  I am loving the gel nails!  They're wonderful!

My pedicure.

We really had a great time and LL did wonderful for being there for like 2 hours!  I really want to take her back one more time before school starts.


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