Monday, June 16, 2014

Emily's About to POP Baby Shower

When I offered to throw a shower for Emily, I knew that I wanted a really cute theme.  I threw a shower for her when she was pregnant with Britt, but there was never really a theme for it.  It really makes it tricky because she doesn't find out the gender of the baby.  Most gender neutral themes just aren't my thing.  One of the themes that I kept seeing over and over was "About to Pop".  For most of them, they played off of that with popcorn.  I did like that idea, and I thought about it for quite a while.  One night while looking on Pinterest, I saw the same theme, but instead of focusing on popcorn, they focused on popsicles!  With her being due August 1, and the shower being in May, I instantly fell in love with the popsicle idea!

Here was the shower invite!  It came from this shop on Etsy.

I also found on Pinterest this cute idea for a photo backdrop made out of dollar store plastic table cloths!  I know Em loves to take pictures, so I thought having a place to do that would be a great tough at the shower.  It turned out a little more ghetto than I anticipated, but it looked okay in the pictures.  I followed the tutorial from this site.  I will for sure be doing this at more parties! It was easy and cute.

Here is the finished product.  Just don't look too closely.  ;)

I spent hours at home painting popsicle sticks to use as a runner for the table.
The night before the shower, Matt took care of the kids, and my mom and I spent hours getting stuff ready to go.

Here are some pictures from the set up when everything was ready to go.

The punch station.  We had one pink and one blue.  All of the "About to Pop" printables came from the same etsy shop as the invitation.

My mom spent way too long putting these little flags on the straws - haha.  Once she got them all on, they all fell off and she had to start over.

The food station.

The banner above the table.

I was so in love with all of the little printables that we stashed around.  

The diaper cake (using some of my popsicles!)

I had a station set up where people could write funny things on the backs of diapers for Zack during late night diaper changes.

This was set up at the door next to the favors.

For a favor, everyone got a bottle of pop.

Here is a run down on all of the yummy food:

Several things in this picture (from top to bottom):

Fresh fruit and fruit dip using this recipe.

These cut outs were all over the table, too.  For the table runner, I had butcher paper with my Popsicle stick runner on top.

The gift table:

While everyone was eating, they were also cycling in to write on the diapers.  Thankfully, they used all of them up, so Emily had a lot of funny diapers to take home!

We also played a fun game called "Tinkle in the Pot".  Every divided into two teams (for this shower we did boy vs. girl since they don't know the gender).  Then each team had to race with a balloon under their shirt (or holding it if they had on a dress).  Then they had to put a golf ball between their knees.  They had to talk to a pot at the other end of the room and drop their ball in the bucket (and tinkle in the pot!).  Everyone was such a good sport about this and did a great job!

The whole crew.

We have been trying to get together with Amanda for quite a while.  So glad we all finally got to meet her!

I love this girl!!  I had so much fun throwing this shower for her, and I can't wait to meet baby Leo!

This really was so so much fun, and this is for sure my favorite shower ever!


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