Sunday, June 8, 2014

Cooper - 23 Months!

Here we are!  Cooper's last monthly post before he is officially a two year old!  Cooper turned 23 months while Matt and I were on our anniversary trip to Jamaica.  Here's what he's been up to!

Weight: 29ish lbs
Clothing: 18 month - 2T.  Some of his 18 month shorts are getting too little around the waist.
Shoes: Size 7
Diaper: Size 5

His schedule is pretty much the same as last month:
7:00 - up for the day
7:45 - 8:00 - breakfast and milk
9:45 - 10:00 - snack and water
11:45 - 12 - lunch and milk
12:30 - 1 - down for nap
3:00 - 3:30 - up from nap
snack and water when up from nap
5:30 - 5:45 - dinner and milk
If it's nice weather, we try to play outside after dinner and then do bath about 6:45.  If the weather isn't great, he'll go straight to bath after dinner and then we'll play in the house.
7:15 - time for bed

Teeth: Same as last month - just waiting on his last 4 two-year molars.  He has been chewing on his fingers a good bit, so I think they're moving around in there.  Hopefully they'll be out soon!

Talking:  Since last month, Cooper has started speech therapy.  He has it once a week right now, but hopefully it'll get changed to twice a week here soon.  The good news: he's been babbling up a storm lately.  He's been more vocal in the last month than he has been ever.  The not so great news: this speech thing is going to be a long road for him.  This isn't going to be a "quick fix".  We're going to just have to take baby steps and break this down for me.  It's really what we've thought all along: it's all in his brain, he just needs help getting it all out.  Another big positive - we've been working on some more signs with him (any communication is better than no communication!) and he is picking them up fast.

Chores:  We've still been working with him on doing chores, and he's doing great!  He is fantastic at putting his toys away (when you ask), and he can also put his clothes in his hamper.  He loves helping around the house!

Temper Tantrums: Last month was when he really started with his tantrums and hitting.  We've been working with him on it a lot, and he has gotten a ton better.  He still hits some when he gets frustrated, but it's just usually things (like the couch).  He hasn't tried to hit any people in quite a while, so that's a big improvement.  The throwing has pretty much stopped.  It still happens occasionally, but it's not very often.

Food: Cooper has become a good bit more picky lately.  He's not been loving meat very much.  He's also started wanting everything that's off of our plate, even if it's the exact same thing that he has.  I remember LL going through this stage of being extremely picky, so I'm not too worried about it.  We'll make it through!

Swim Lessons:  Cooper started swim lessons at Tiny Bubbles with Mrs. Margie this month!  He didn't do swim last year because he was so little.  And I'll be honest, I was having some pretty major anxiety about him starting swim this year.  We've been dumping water on his head in the bath since he was tiny, and he still hates it.  I figured swim would be a nightmare with him.  Surprisingly, he is doing fantastic!  He doesn't cry AT. ALL.  LL cried (and by cried, I mean she screamed at the top of her lungs) every day for the first 3.5 years of swim.  So I don't know what to do with a baby who doesn't cry at all!  But I love it!  He just absolutely loves the water and loves to be in it.

Playing in Gigi's pool

Walking into Mrs. Margie's together.  Doesn't this melt your heart??

First ever swim lesson!

All boy:  I talked about this last month, but this boy is ALL BOY.  He wears me slam out!  He is stupor sweet about everything, but he is into everything.  He is go go go, and you can't take your eyes off of him for a second!

It didn't take him long to figure this out!  ;)

"Helping" feed the animals.  Yeah right.

He's got some growing to do before he can fit in Daddy's shoes!

He was in LL's room with her one night while I was cooking dinner.  She started screaming, and this is what I found when I went in there...

Thanks, dude.  I didn't fuss at him the first time because I knew I was taking a risk when I left him alone in a 5 year old's bedroom.  But after I cleaned it all off and he tried to do it again?  Yeah - there was a spanking that time.  

Chiropractor:  Matt and I had kind of been toying around with the idea of taking Cooper to a chiropractor for a while.  He has pretty bad reflux, and I've heard of this helping kids get over that.  Then I got put in touch with a friend of a friend who said that chiropractic care helped her daughter with her speech.  We prayed about it and figured why not?  It sure isn't going to make his reflux or his speech worse.  He's been going for a little over a month now.  He is completely off of all of his reflux medicine.  He also has started his babbling since we've been.  It's for sure something that has helped us a ton and we will continue to take him!

Waiting his turn to go back

His favorite thing to do while we wait at the chiropractor (or "chiropractor" as LL calls it) is to make faces at himself on the camera on my phone.  He loves it and I get some pretty cute pics.  ;)

-He's loving our new playground outside.  Here's a video of him sliding (and stopping himself so that he doesn't shoot off of the end).
-I wasn't feeling good one day, so I was laying down on the couch. He was cuddling with me.  Somehow, he had gotten my phone, turned the video on, and was videoing himself.  What was recorded was hilarious.  Just watch for when he starts to yawn.  At the end of the yawn, he notices himself on the screen and it goes super funny.  Here's the video.
-Daddy took him to a check-up with the podiatrist about his toe surgery.  Everything looked good and he goes back in August to have it checked again.

Water and being outside are two of his favorite things.  So when he got to play in these buckets full of water outside at Grammy and Pop's, he was in Heaven.

Both of my babies at 23 Months!


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