Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Christmas Tree Farm 2013

I feel like at every "tradition" post I talk about how much that tradition is one of my favorites.  Well, going to the Christmas Tree Farm really is!!  We always came when I was growing up, so it's a tradition that I love carrying on with every year.  LL really absolutely loves it every year, and now that Cooper is walking, I was interested to see what he thought about it.  

His eyes were super wide the entire time, but he loved it!  He loves anything to do with being outside, so he was super happy.  The day that we went it was pretty nasty outside, so we actually had to deal with it drizzling while we were there (which you can totally tell by LL's hair - it got super curly!).

He liked the little trees.

LL loved it, like usual.  She carried here bible while we looked at trees - haha.

Trying to find the perfect tree!

Gigi and Poppy are here!  They come with us every year - it's part of the tradition.

We finally found *the* tree!

He looks terrified, but he actually loves it when she holds him like this.


This stud was in a GREAT mood and LL did a perfect job standing behind me and getting him to smile.

We actually got several great family shots this year!

Gigi and Poppy brought Olive with them.  LL is obsessed with Olive, so she asked to have her picture taken with her in front of our tree.

It was starting to rain, so we let them cut down the tree for us this year.  I thought Cooper might get nervous with how loud the chain saw was, but he was fascinated.

LL rode to the front of the farm on the back of the truck with Gigi...

...and Cooper drove with Poppy!

We got the tree home and the kids and I took a well-deserved break while Daddy put the tree in the stand.  :)

Cooper was suuuper interested when Daddy brought it in the house.

Here she is all decorated!  LL got the privilege of putting the star on this year.

The two best parts about Christmas!

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