Monday, January 13, 2014

Lorelai's Christmas Pageant

For Christmas at Lorelai's preschool, they do a Christmas Pageant every year.  Last year, LL rocked it out as the best star ever!  This year, we knew she would be a "towns girl" because she talked about it quite a bit.

Cooper missed it last year because he went to bed between 6:45 - 7:00.  His bed time is still 7:00, but I knew he'd be able to stretch it without a problem.  The program started at 6:00, and (just like last year), we signed up for the spaghetti dinner afterwards.  I was so excited that Cooper was coming with us this year!   Oma and Opa were out of town last year for the program, so this was their first year coming, too.

Ready to go!

We took her straight to her classroom and they started getting her ready.  Everything was super organized, and LL knew exactly what was going to happen.  That is great for her personality.

My towns girl!

Waiting for it to start - Cooper wanted to sit with Pop.  Duh.  Pop is his favorite person EVER.

Once it got started, he was like this the entire time.  He LOVED it!!

Just like last year, LL did a PERFECT job!  She never got nervous and sang everything she was supposed to!  We were so proud!

We met her back at her classroom to pick her up and head to dinner.

Miss Tish (LL's teacher) came over to tell her what a great job she did!

Everyone there to support her!

She did such a fantastic job and was so proud of herself!  I'm going to miss this next year, but I'm sure we'll pick up again the year after when Cooper starts pre-k!


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